Thursday, February 03, 2011


You all know why I think!
The kids are going back to school.... and I am going to walk them there, see them into their new classrooms and scuttle home, lie on the couch and bask in the silence!    lol

I haven't read the news yet about the Australian Cyclone... so will go and do that right now.....


There isn't a lot of news coming out of Australia yet... we are at least 2 hours ahead of them... they are all asleep still! 
I've woken up feeling decidedly seedy... no idea why.  It might be a very quiet day for me until I feel a bit better.  My stomach is churning... ikkkk.

The kids are at school... I took them so I could talk to Griffin's new teacher... she seemed really nice.  AND I found out the new DP/Special Needs Co-ordinator is a lady I've met before, she taught Griffin a couple of years ago.... she's LOVELY... so fingers crossed we can work together to get Griffin on the right track at school THIS year.

BLONDIE: ? ...the new DP is not going to be teaching Griffin, her job is to try and get funding etc within the school to get a Teacher Aide or similar... and there is no guarantee that will happen.  We will have to wait and see ...

It's weird what you think about while you are washing floors!.... I got to thinking about Brylee and the last IEP meeting I had at the school about her... and her behaviour.
AND I realised a couple of things. 

1. She is picked on and singled out by other girls for ridicule.
2.  She reacts all the time by hitting back,either with words or her fists.
3.  Because she is always the one 'caught' being naughty she is always the one dragged off to the Principals office, and I'M THE ONE who is called into school to be lectured over her bad behaviour!

Now where is the fairness in all of that?
Why should the other kids who probably started it get away with it? 

With that in mind, I am going to speak up for my kid.  She is not always bad... she does have a problem with reacting to things in an inappropriate way.... it's just her nature.
I also know how groups of girls can behave, being mean and nasty to the odd girl out.... (Brylee).. and I am not going to let the school act like it's all her fault.
I fell into that trap last year.  I am not going to this year.... F&*k  them!

*sigh*... back to the floors...
Floors are done... I'm sopping wet from sweat perspiration... OMG it's like a sauna today!

I went up to the school this afternoon and made an appointment to see the teacher who organises the Special Education/Reading recovery etc for Monday morning.   I hope I don't forget!

I have been having 'waves' of nausea all day.... I have no idea why?  I'm starting to think it's just the stress of getting the kids back to school and worrying about getting the appointment to talk about what is happening with them both this year.

Some school 'people' have a way of making you feel 2 inches tall... and a fool to boot.  *sigh*

As for the Australian Cyclone, it sounds like it was terrible, but so far there have been no injuries or fatalities which is AMAZING and so lucky.

Yep I'm definitely wound up.. I'm having back spasms (like electric shocks up me backbone)... that ONLY happens when I'm super wound up.
All I feel like doing is lying down...
BUT... I have to cook dinner now.   I've got a lovely mince/bacon/vege stew on and I'm going to make it into a pie... but only pastry on the top for a change.

So, once it's in the oven I can relax and take a 'chill pill'.... Nurofen should do it.

End of Day:  a busy, kinda stressful day, but it ended nicely.  I had a long soak in a cool bath which was so lovely!  I hope it's not so hot tomorrow... nite nite.
DIET:  Fail.


  1. Amanda8:11 AM

    Yeah I woke up feeling like ass aswell, went to bed at midnite last nite, but that was the only thing Ive done different. Bluck!

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Hey Gorgeous

    My parents and sister in Townsville are ok. Still lots of wind and rain but the worst is over.

    Kim aka flutter

  3. Well thats encouraging news about the Speld teacher.. I am basking in silence sort of here too have had the news on since 6am watching updates.

  4. Hi Chris, Fingers crossed for a good school year and teacher for Griffin.
    Feel good, jj

  5. I understand how Brylee feels I was the one singled out at school myself so understand completely...I also lashed out in frustration broke a girls nose once casue I got so upset by her bullying and this day I still can here the rolly polly song echoing inside my head.

    good on you Chris you have a battle on your hands with the kids schooling ahead they will thanks you and love you for it...maybe not today but one day when Brylee is head CEO of a big company and our Griffin is some big wig in Corperate world (not prime minister which is a family joke here when picking names oh yess that name would make a GREAT prime minister) but in all honesty who would want that job

    good luck

  6. Isn't it nice having them back at school.

    Sounds like it is going to be a positive year for both the kids. I hope Brylee is in a different class from the ones that gave her a hard time last year so she can have a fresh start.

  7. i agree about brylee chris girls are horrid creatures and can be really catty i went through that with shan and her so called friends
    chin up and happy mopping lol

  8. GOOD! Every girl needs a saviour in these types of situations!! too many parents think it will go away on it's own, then it only gets worse. get involved i say and be extreme too, get the schools attention!

  9. Hi Chris. If there's one thing I regret it's not being more pro-active for my kids. I was so afraid of being a stroppy or interfering mother and that the teachers would roll their eyes over when they saw me coming that I became a whimp.

    We know our children. We know they aren't perfect but we also know they are not all bad either. There's usually a reason for things going bad at school and it's not always the kids or the parents.

    I saw you with your children and They are typical kids. Don't let the school system intimidate you.

    Teachers love to think they know best but that's hardly ever true. Unless they listen to you and accept that you have as much insight into the children as they do then they are not doing the best they can.

    The only advantage teachers have is that they are not emotionally involved therefore they are hopefully more able to be impartial but even that is not guaranteed.

    I'm sure Griffin told me Brylee is bullied at school ... I think he said the other kids are mean to her. Go have a chat with him sometime.

  10. I wouldn't worry too much about Brylee you know. My kid is no shrinking violet and lashes out at anyone and anything but underneath she has common sense, a big heart, generous and loves her family. Some kids just react differently to others.

    Dobby used to come home all the time saying she was getting beat up at school. When we queried it we found out the other kid was instigating and Dobby was retaliating, so they were both sent to the office frequently.

    Don't stress. So long as she is respectful to others (kids parents other adults and the like) she'll do okay.

    Now go relax! xx

  11. Yeah the schools really like to preach that "no bullying" crap around here but you know what happens? NOTHING. They just let it happen because there is "nothing they can do". We had to deal with that crap a lot with Jess. I even talked to a teacher at the beginning of the school year when she was in 8th grade and told her who she was having problems with and when things started happening do you think she tried to help her out? Of course not. I was so glad when she was done with the little school and went on to high school.

  12. Interesting... My back plays up when I have super-stress - of the emotional kind. Good on you for recognising the link.

    It took my ages to work out that my bad back was due to emotional issues and I had so many "treatments" for it, including sterioids shot directly into my spine. And, no, it didn't help!!!

  13. There's a bit of a bug doing the rounds here in Tauranga at the moment where people are a bit nauseous with stomach cramps, but it comes to nothing. Headaches seem to come along with it too.

    Either that, or you gave in and had KFC last night and this is WW's payback!!

  14. I don't often comment but this time I had something to say!
    I am sure I might upset a few people but Chris, one thing to remember when you are dealing with "school"people, they are just that! School people, they have NEVER left school. (Not all)
    Beleive me when I say I have had my ups and down with teachers.
    I am a Mum of an Austic boy and a Mum of a pain the arse teenager.
    I can survive anything. :)

  15. I hope you are feeling better. You are a great Mum & only want the best for your kids,, it is a sad state of affairs when the thought of having to go into bat for them makes you so wound up.

    Don't give up, they are great kids and they will be fine.

  16. When I had problems at school, my parents never went to bat for me, except once, with a 6th grade math teacher.
    I was listening to Queensland AM Radio online yesterday. They are saying they "dodged the bullet" thank God. But a lot of people lost homes.


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