Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Yesterday after school the kids had a friend over to play.... he stays with his Grandparents  across the road from us until his parents pick him up.

When his Grandma dropped him off I thought he was so cute... and about 5 years old.

Until Griffin told me he and 'K' were in the same maths group!  Seems 'K' is 9 years old like Griffin.

ABOVE:  is 'K' small... or are we raising a Giant?  I know Griffin is big for his age, but really!  (Steve, recognise your clothes?  lol)  edit: yes 'K' is small for his age and Griffin is big for his age!  but it was good blog fodder!  ha ha ha

Today:  well it is Tuesday and I should be going to Patchwork Class... still can't decide if I will go or not... AND I should use the money I do have to buy the kids their stationery for the year.... which is $100.  NOT included is the $140 extra fees, or the $360 school DONATION.  Pfffffft.  Never ending money pit is school... and kids.

ONE DAY we will not have these sort of expenses, imagine what I can do then! OMG I could shop EVERY DAY.... 

ABOVE:  yaaaa (said with heavy sarcasm) ... now I get to name everything.  And NO, I don't cover the books with anything... I never have and never will.

I didn't go to Patchwork... and I'm not that sad about it either.  Now I can stay home and .........vacum.  *sniff*

ABOVE: yaaa, our Treadmill is finally home again... let's NOT tell Stew they forgot to bring back the Transformer for it... hopefully it will be delivered before he gets home and notices it's missing! 
It's been a right fiasco with this machine... they gave us THREE different invoices, with three different costing breakdowns... one didn't even add up to what we paid.  Grrrrr. It's all sorted now and we have a $256 credit with them for our trouble.  This is good... but I do hope they find our transformer and get it back to us pronto.

It's nearly home time for the kids so I better get off this computer, I know the kids think I live on it!

End of Day: and sadly the transformer did not come home so we can't use the treadmill yet.
Kinda crabby about that.
DIET: so-so
nite nite.


  1. Emperor is 9 also and 5 ft 1 (about 155 cm). I think every other kid is just tiny. I don't know what they are feeding their children in these families. :)

  2. Hi Chris, It looks like 'K' is small, but it also looks like Griffin is tall! How big is his Dad?

    I've got one at 14 who is now 1 inch taller than his dad, weighs 3 more kg and takes 2 sizes bigger shoes. It's all the growth hormone in the meat I tells ya!!

  3. you have a big handsome guy! :)

  4. YAY, someone else who does not cover books, I never have & quite frankly never saw the point. They also name their own flippin stuff now, have done since they could write their names.

    How tall is Griffin compared to the other kids in his class, maybe the other kid is just a midget?

  5. Anonymous2:02 PM

    The other kid doesn't get fed much by the look of him and Griffin is a potential all black! Better get him into a team! WOMBAT

  6. LOL My kids are always the giants too! DH is 6'6" tall so he towers over everyone. The kids are all taking after him in the height department, although Jess has topped out at 5'7" which is still taller than me ;)

  7. Hmmm heights hard to say really, need to see him int he context of a class photo, I am liking the new Chris H sign off blue box thingy too BTW.

  8. The pic of the big kid and the little kid reminded of a movie I saw called (I think) Freak The Mighty. About this brainiac little skinny kid and this giant not-so-bright kid who become friends.

    In New Zealand, to they call children "kids"?

    Hope you get your treadmill parts today!

  9. He looks like he is going to be a rather tall fellow. Hope the treadmill ends up working out for you. Kids most certainly cost a lot of money these days. Hope you are enjoying getting your days back now that the kids are in school.

  10. In that picture Griffin certainly looks like a giant! At least he is a happy giant in the picture.

    Glad the treadmill is back but rats about the transformer!

  11. With the exception of our oldest girl, all of our kids are on the short side. It's the curse of being Asian. At least the oldest child is average in height.


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