Sunday, February 27, 2011


GUESS who is coming to visit today?

ABOVE:   I suppose you have already guessed eh?  lol
EMILY... sweet, darling wee Emily is coming to visit her Grandma and Granddad today!  I set up the cot for her last night..... it's so EXCITING!

New grandbabies are like that... just so, so adorable.  *sigh*... wonder when they will get here..... waiting... waiting...

I suppose I SHOULD SAY... it will be nice to see Amanda and Andrew too!  lol  (snigger)...

That's all for now... back later no doubt!


ABOVE:  we have a babe in the house... so special.   Can't say she's spent much time in the porta-cot!  In fact only about 3 minutes!!!  lol  As I type she is nestled in her Granddad's arms sound asleep.

ABOVE:  whoops, almost forgot.  These two came with the baby.... ha ha ha!

MESSAGE FROM FELICITY down in earthquake devastated Christchurch:  She is OK.... suffering tough times, but will be back once she can get a new computer.
{{{Hugs}}} from all of us Felicity.

End of Day:  another really lovely day here.  We went out to Maraetai Beach after Amanda, Andrew and Emily went home.... had planned to have a picnic dinner out there but it was really windy and I was COLD!!!  ... so the kids had a swim then we came home and had dinner here... chicken salad.  Was yum too.
DIET:  so on track even I can't believe it!
nite nite.


  1. I can certainly relate to looking forward to Emily coming for a visit. Even now when the "big kids" arrive we still go straight to the "little ones" for cuddles first.
    Really looking forward to meeting our new one and hope she waits for me to get back from the South Island before she makes her arrival.
    Have a great day with family :)

  2. Like Emily is going to be spending any time in that darling "cot" Your going to get a whole lot of baby sugar today!!!!! Whooopeeee
    i know what you mean about the parents. I like drop offs best. Just leave the baby and go on a date.
    I had some new parents recently try and tell me how to hold a bottle---NOT!

  3. Awwwwwwww how sweet babies are such a sweet distraction from the world, they make time stand still.

  4. Aww, enjoy that sweet little girl...and her mom and dad too, of course.

  5. hope the visit went well!!! it's been so long since i've had a new baby around me. not that i'm complaining!

  6. She is beautiful! I don't even know her and I love her.

    I am so happy to hear that everything went well. Congratulations to all of you!

  7. shes adorable love those blue eyes... prayers for Felicity and everyone from christchurch.

  8. Chris, I adore a baby, there is nothing quite like it. Emily is very very cute - obviously takes after her grandmother. Saw Princess mary's twins in the paper today - so cute. Hope Coco and Teddy are okay. An update photo please. I will update my blog soon. Martine xx

  9. Emily is so adorable. Okay, I'm rather shocked Amanda is out and about. We Chinese spend 1 whole month CONFINED to the home after giving birth. We get pampered with special food and drinks to get our health back on track. On top of that, we have confinement nannies to help out with the baby. We literally don't have to lift a finger to do any work. Horrible isn't it?

  10. Excellent photos!... bubba is gorgeous and I can see a resemblence to you!!

    Oh, I wish I wasn't so old and could have another bubba... well, I probably *could* have one, but Tom is v. v. not keen on the idea!

  11. Emily is GORGEOUS!!!

  12. She is such a beautiful baby! I'm sure you enjoyed every minute with her.

  13. I guessed it was the baby coming for a visit at the first picture! Yeay me!

    I will be looking for Felicity, the Christchurch Blogger to get back online.

  14. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Waht a darling baby!!! Great photos of you and the baby! Makes one smile just looking at them! Emily is so so cute and her gramma just adores her, you can certainly see that!! ...debbie

  15. Oh she's just adorable and I do believe she looks a bit like grandma!!

  16. What a cute baby! Sometimes I wish my kids could stay cute like that forever. Then I probably wouldn't mind them drving me crazy all the time.

  17. Emily is gorgeous and she has your eyes! You are so lucky... I can't wait to be a grandma! x


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