Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I read this last night on Judith's blog.... and just had to add it to mine for you all to read.  It's really funny.... considering what it's about.

Today:  not sure yet. 

Griffin has a nasty skin rash of some sort.

We first noticed it on Sunday morning... it looks like he's been bitten by dozens of fleas/mosquitoes or SOMETHING... but no one else in the house has?
I may end up taking him to the Dr as he's really, really itchy.



Griffin has had Chicken Pox, so I knew it wasn't that.
LYNDA:  Yes I am 100% SURE that you are right and it's an attack of 'Seabathers Eruption'... The photos of others with it on Google look just like his.  And I was already thinking it must have something to do with his wetsuit and our swim at Orewa on Saturday!    At least you had seen it before... I certainly had not.

DEBBIE: it's not measles either...he would be feeling really ill if it was that, AND he's been immunised against Measles too.  Yes, he is itchy as!

We just had a visit from the SES Resource Teacher to discuss Griffin... no news there.  He's still getting about 20 minutes 'help' from a Teacher Aide outside the classroom to work on his handwriting and core muscle strength.  Steve sat in on the meeting too.... and said once she had gone "What a bitch, she never lets you talk does she?"  lol.... kinda right. But I am getting really good at having MY SAY  too nowdays.

It's a battle trying to get the right help for him at school... they seem hell bent and determined to make him write! He has DYSGRAPHIA people... he is never going to be able to WRITE!  Idiots.

"SHOUT OUT"  for Anne at lose2live... she's stuck in hospital again with her blasted legs giving her grief.  She's Ok... just not able to blog right now.  We are thinking of you chick... {{{HUGS}}}

Right now... I'm off to have a nana nap... I was awake from 2.30 am till 6 am last night/this morning... bloody hot flushes!  I've ordered more pills ....*sigh*

My neighbour Stephanie came over last night and asked me if I could do her a favour.  She works as a teacher at a Community College... teaching Hospitality and she needed some pot mitts made for the class.  Her  employers had given her some incredibly cheap and nasty tea towels to use to make into pot mitts:

 ABOVE:  see?  Useless!!!  Far too thin and ikky, so I used some of my fabric and her wadding and made these today:

ABOVE:  7 done and about half a dozen to go.

ABOVE: while I sewed ... Steve cooked the dinner!  Well... with a little verbal instruction yelled up from the garage from me of course!  lol

End of Day:  chicken and coleslaw... was nice too!  I ended up finishing 9 of the pot mitts tonight... and made an apron for Brylee.
Her class is going to the Howick Victorian Museum on Thursday and they wanted the kids to dress in 'Victorian' attire.... so she's wearing a top and skirt covered with an apron and cap.... still have to make the cap.. ran outta fabric.  Derrrr. 
DIET: so-so
nite nite.


  1. Oh poor kid, get him to the doctor, so they can give him something for it.... nothing worse than scratching all day.

  2. looks like chicken pox!!!

  3. That rash is the sea jellyfish. They are microscopic and get in under rash tops and pants. They itch like crazy. Stu and Fletcher got them one day. Do a search for Seabather's Eruption and all will be explained :)

  4. It does look like chicken pox but I'd get it checked out. Even the chemist might know. Poor kid. It's not nice. No scratching Griffin!

  5. I'm wondering too whether it is chicken pox. Good luck. Poor Griffin.

  6. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Looks like Measles to me. I feel really sorry for him. Hope you took him to the doctor. itching can drive you mad...debbie

  7. ME TOO... hot flushes last night I mean. Hardly any sleep - I woke at least 6 times on fire. I think I'll go to the Menopause Institute and get sorted. I stopped the HRT because I was uncomfortable taking them.

  8. ohhhhhhh kids and itchy skin humid weather not a good mix, PERHAPS at your talks you all could have turns at HOLDING the talking stick and NOBODY else gets to talk when the person is holding that stick!!! (or if that doesn't work HIT THEM with it!)

  9. I get what you are talking about, what is it with these people who are supposed to offer help and referrals and never listen, they just do not listen, or they make appointments, fill you with hope that something can be and will be done and you are left empty and frustrated. It happened with my Mum recently, she is very, very sick and frail, but she wants to be at home, so she had yet another assessment to see what other help could be given to her, all that happened was that she was asked questions, questions, questions, Mum was told that the assessment would mean that she would be able to get some meals delivered or someone to come and get her some lunch or dinner ready, she is very fussy and would not eat meals on wheels. She got worked up into a terrible state, she thought that she would be put in a nursing home, she doesn't realise that it is not up to any one else but herself and her family. And she got no help offered.

  10. Chris, I lost Pepsi

  11. SO sorry for the little one - that has to be so miserable!

    I have great admiration of you for continuing to fight for his education.

    It seems to me that at times the system just seems to act like -if the kids get it great and if they do not- tough luck!

    Go Go Mom!

  12. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I read about that 'rock for sale'. It is funny. You got to find something to laugh about in times of disaster to keep your spirits up and it's a brilliant way to raise funds for the quake fund (if it sells!). We had a few funny things to laugh about during the queensland floods - a cow stuck on a house roof, somebody putting goggles and snorkel on a statue, a picture of a green frog riding through the flood waters on a snakes back. If you don't laugh you'll cry. I've a feeling you might have to keep making those pot mitts because they're so pretty the students will probably pinch them! WOMBAT

  13. Chris, your blog is great for a smile... good on people for raising money by selling the rock... Love the oven mitts...
    thanks for coming by my place

  14. You've had a busy day. That rash looks bad! Hope he's not suffering too much. Nice to have a sous-chef to help you out.

  15. Here we have something called Sea Itch. It is caused by jellyfish larvae. It looks like that.

  16. ouch! that looks extremely..... itchy.

  17. Sounds like the sea jelly fish out here we have sea lice in the atlantic and it will do that. or bedbugs--good gah!!! Definitely a bite and not pox or measles, they look different. Skin rashes are the hardest to diagnose and i would not attempt it from a photo. That's why the docs make a good check.
    Your sheep did get sheared, I look about the same, I swear it.
    The finished outfit is perfect Brylee looks like Anne of Green Gables--which is what happens when you scroll down bloggin--and get yer comments out of order!

  18. How nice to help the neighbor! Yeah I don't think those towels will work well for hot pots lol.

    Steve looks charming :)


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