Saturday, February 19, 2011


I expect today to be BUSY.
We are going into town to pick up some new business shirts/ties for Stew... and also get Steve a few items to pad out his miserable wardrobe!

Later this afternoon ...insert:  *SQUEALS*... My dear friend Sandra C from Palmerston North is calling in for afternoon tea... they are up for the weekend visiting family.  I am really excited, I havn't seen her in 9 months already.

Now I just want to touch on what I was talking about yesterday.
Would you happy about this:

- A midwife who's not had a baby of her own telling you "come on, it's not that painful?"(yep, it's happened to me)

- A person who's never raised a child telling you how to do it, when you've raised 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-kids?  (and oh my god that has happened to me once too often... my SIL is good at that, Grrrr)

- A weight loss leader who's never had a real weight problem telling you how hard it is to lose weight, but "YOU CAN DO IT, just like me?"

Just saying....

ONWARD...  be back later with lots of photos hopefully!

 ABOVE:  many hours and $$$'s later... we are home.  Steve is the new 'bag boy'... and  he owes me about 90 hours babysitting!

 ABOVE: new business shirts and ties for Stew.

 ABOVE: nice....


ABOVE: Hamming it up....   

 ABOVE:  Boys can wear pink right?...

ABOVE:   yummmmm, nothing like a spunky semi nakid man behind the kitchen bench.... *drool*          

I could KICK MYSELF!  Sandra and her hubby called in for about an then left. I forgot to get a photo of us together!  How remiss of me... talk about a missed 'blog fodder' moment!  

It was so lovely to see her again.  Makes me miss my Palmy girlfriends so much, *sniff*.

Not cooking dinner tonight, we have been too busy to give it a thought.  Stew has gone to get Fish 'n' Chips.    

End of Day:  well it was busy as expected.   Yes Ashlee Steve is single.  
DIET:  so-so today.
nite nite.


  1. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeah

  2. Can you go to another meeting in another suburb? relay some of my comments to her in class HAVE you ever had will I squeeze through that gap, in that chair, in between that group of tables without my arse, tits,or hips touching someones head, arm or knocking over drinks!!!!!!!!! IMHO someone who is underweight and that includes dangerous BMI is just as deluded as the MORBIDLY OBESE being told "come on you can do it, its not that hard"

  3. I applaud you for last this far with your WW leader. I think I'd have caved after the first session and I just might have sent a blasting letter/email/phone call to WW head office for selecting this person as a leader. She should not have qualified.

    Hope you can find another group that's as convenient.


  4. crack me up...I had a male midwife...LOL...and he was fantastic. Probably the best one ever...but he didnt tell me it didnt hurt either...he said you have done this before you know what to do and not to for Barbie I wouldnt be impressed at all. Although I have 15kg to lose and if I could lose it I would be prancing around looking like her too...but its friggin hard...and I have tried everything and struggle. Doesnt matter how much I dont eat and how much exercise I do it doesnt seem to want to budge...its friggin it could have been just as hard for her to lose her whole 10kg...but I still wouldnt like her preaching to me looking like Khris

  5. Mmmmm, shopping! What good boys you have! xxx

  6. Oh, a midwife with no children... um... good gracious!

    BTW your shopping pics look fun! 90 hours of babysitting, eh? Bry and Griff look easy to babysit. Get the movies and popcorn out or play games, how hard can it be? Bring a few toddlers into the mix to get your VALUE out of this deal, telling ya. :)

  7. Amanda4:14 PM

    Boys in pink... Really??
    Is dad bare foot in the kitchen too :D

  8. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Next time you go to your weight watchers meeting, drag the blond stick insect down to KFC and give her a feed! Steve should take up modelling! WOMBAT

  9. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I think Stew should be the new leader Hold the meetngs in the kitchen at your place just like the pic. Girls would love it. Steve could be the personal trainer doing demos on the treadmill Girls would love it.

    Mary H

  10. Ashlee9:24 PM

    Steve is a Total BABE! Is he single? Lol

  11. Is he throwing out his old ties???

  12. I love men in very pale pink shirts!

  13. I need my mom to buy me some new clothes ;)


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