Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today I am going to work on making the pattern for my patchwork class project. It's going to be a seahorse. I love them. Did you know that the male seahorse has to 'carry' the babies until they are born? I LIKE THAT IDEA!

All going well, the dog door WILL get installed today.

If I can drag myself away from the patchwork, I want to get on the exercycle sometime today....

Weight Watchers tonight.... shit....

That's all for now...

HI! I've been quiet most of the day.... plodding away nutting out a seahorse that I like... the one above is just a picture I got off Google..not the one I'm using.

I've drawn several seahorses during the day, and I think I have now got it how I like... will show ya soon.

The Glass man is due soon, hope he really bangs on the door or I won't hear him AGAIN.

Taaa Daaa... my seahorse pattern. He's going to be in mottled greeny-pinky batik material on a sea of blue... these projects are done to end up looking like a Stained Glass Window... so you have to wait to see JUST how it's going to look!

The glass man isn't here yet.. and it's 3.45pm ... hmmmmm.....


  1. good luck to you at weight watchers!!!!! :)

  2. Do you know how you make me smile....You say what I want to....Good luck at Weight Watchers to night...I love seahorses as well and they do have the right idea!!!!!!

  3. We missed you yesterday too :) We went to Living know the pot place :)
    Have you convinced Steve to move yet. Glad all went with the visit from family.
    Love the idea of the seahorse on blue :)
    Have a god rest of week too :)

  4. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Love the seahorse!!!

    Good Luck with the exercycle & WW!

  5. Good luck at weight watchers.
    Loved the seahorse, gorgeous.
    Can't wait to see the patchwork one.

  6. Good luck with your weigh in! As Jenny said you were missed.

  7. Hope weigh in is not to bad.... and hope the dog door man turned up :-)

  8. Did the Glass Man end up arriving?

  9. Did the Glass Man end up arriving?

  10. Hooe you got your doggy door in...
    Nnot like you not to post a goodnight... whazzup??

  11. very cool!!!!!! I love sea horses too!

  12. I like that seahorse! That quilt is going to be super.

    I hope the dog door man knocks louder today!

  13. I like seahorses too - they seem very graceful and yes - the male carrying the babies is way cool and a pipe dream for us woman of the human variety.
    Did the Glass man ever get there?

  14. Hope your weigh in went well. Did the door guy ever show up! Like the seahorse pattern, can't wait to see the quilt.

  15. I forgot to ask if your little sh** Steve came home???? I hope you both start feeling better soon!


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