Tuesday, April 14, 2009


(edit) ... the 'funny looking thing' above is a farmers whistle, made out of Greenstone! lol You use them to direct your sheepdogs when they are moving animals some distance away.

While we were out browsing the shops yesterday, we came across a butchery/Deli we had never seen before. It was called NZ Farm Co. The meat looked devine... especially their sausages...so although they were like 400% more expensive than 'normal' sausages, we bought some to try.

ABOVE: NZ Farm Co. in Milford Mall.... and NO, I ain't in the photo so stop looking!
ABOVE: The sausages! In front... chicken, then Italian, Beef and Lamb. They looked gorgeous, were much larger, had masses more meat and FLAVOUR! I will probably never buy a 'normal' sausage again! Last night we had the Italian and chicken sausages... YUM YUM YUM.
I dread to think how many points are in each sausage... but maybe not as bad as I think... cos they were loaded with meat.

Right, now that I have the *drooling* done for the day...

Have to get my car booked in for repair so it can go on the road again.... *sigh*. Then, dunno!

Our neighbours got a new puppy, a 9 week old labrador... they have gone out for the day (?) and left puppy at home. He got out. Stew put him back. He got out again... and again... so....
Puppy is visiting us till his family come home. He's not too sure about our house!
Brylee and Griffin think he's lovely... "can we name him?"... "no"!
Teddy thought he was a bit of 'alright' till puppy got a bit too boisterous.. then puppy got growled at! Teddy....inside, Puppy... outside. Safer that way. edit... puppy is still with us.... his family have not come home yet.
'Puppy' has gone home. His name is "Jonty'.... hopefully he doesn't get out again. Quiet afternoon... waiting for a man to come and give us a quote for...a pool! It might be in the "too expensive" box... but we won't know till we get a quote from someone in the 'know' eh?
A Pool.. is out of the question. The only area we thought we could fit one in is too small.... taking into account Council Regulations.. distance from fences etc. BUGGER. So... it's back to the drawing board... maybe a Spa Pool? *sigh*
End of Day: we are having delicious Deli Sausages again today... this time the Beef ones. nite nite.


  1. Oh yum,those sausages look amazing. I am a sucker for a good italian sausage.

  2. Hey Chris, no the 365 blog was never private. Cheers for stopping by. Enjoy a sausage for me!! ;)

  3. What is that funny looking thing hanging on the wall in the first picture?

    So Teddy must of been Happy that the Puppy went Home, until the next time He gets out.

  4. The sausages sound yum. The butcher must be able to give you the ingredients, fat content etc - or maybe you don't want to know!

  5. I had my gall bladder out a few years ago, so I shy away from sausage of any kind. It does look tasty, though!

    Cute puppy. Love those labs. That's one of the few dogs that mine will associate with!

    Thanks for stopping by recently. I miss the CA beaches with all my heart. Vegas was fun, but very addicting!

  6. I love the gourmet sausages as well, we have a italian butcher here who makes lovely ones. I bet your sausages are heaps less points than the average "mystery bags".

    Love the batik print from yesterday

  7. Oh, I do love a good sausage! LOL! Take that any way you want-haha! They do look tasty though.

    That puppy is adorable! Don't you think Teddy needs a buddy?

    A pool! Yeah! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - we love ours so much and get so much use out of it.

  8. Oh no! Once they lick your face they own you! lol. He is a cutie isn't he? Poor Teddy must have felt a little put out by this interloper stealing his family for a few hours!

    The lady behind us has a little dog and she has been over twice to play with Ozzie. It's great because they chase each other and we don't have to walk Ozzie! Yay for play dates!

    Oh, those sausages do look good, don't they? xx

  9. Gotta love a good sausage!! LOL

    I love the greenstone dog whistle!!

    And I love the Batik material, gorgeous. Cant' wait to see the finished product.

  10. We get our meat from there too. The sausages have very little fat.

  11. Wow Chris.I'm finally back on the net & have just read your blogs for the last few days. Great photos. Isn't Brylee growing up. She's changed heaps in the past few months. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.

    Chris D

  12. I love sausages and those look yummy!
    Oh and the puppy is adorable , hopefully his owners came to get him! Nice of you to watch out for him though!

  13. Wow you have been super busy these past few days. Good for you holding out on the chocolate congrats on the new purse. I love Labs he's just too cute. Your a good neighbor for keeping an eye on him. Sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather, nice to know it seems to be clearing up quickly. Looks to me like you had a nice Easter weekend and the kids seem to be behaving. I went grocery shopping on Friday and it was a total mob scene. People are just plain rude and somewhat crazy. BTW 16C looks balmy for me right about now. We use the metric system here in Canada only the Americans still holding out. But can totally understand by the end of the summer 16C seems cool.

    Hope you have a good day with the kids home. Take care.

  14. We have a sausage place not too far away. I should make a trip there, they are yum-o!

    The dog is adorable. You might have a lot of dog sitting in your future lol.

  15. being a city boy, i would have never guessed what that whistle was in a zillion years..

  16. Those sausages look really good!!

    I'm really happy that there are at least two sources of decent sausages, here in Reno ... 'Butcher Boy's Deli', which is owned by an Englishman who knows how to make proper bangers ... and 'Wild Foods' that also has decent sausages and real cheese !!

    Americans always look a bit confused when I talk about 'real cheese' . They think that bright orange stuff, that pretends it is cheese here, is real cheese. Poor things. Cheese is not supposed to be bright orange and taste like plastic.

    And I found some Black Pudding, recently !!

  17. Jonty looks cute. It's a good thing you kept him in back. It would be a shame if he went out into the streets.

  18. The deli/market looked wonderful, so did the sausages! The lab reminds me of the one I had growing up named Sambo, just saying if ya'll adopt him, guess not Teddy would be sad! I have a hot tub and would love a spa pool, they are just the right size, good luck with that!

  19. I'm going against the grain and saying those snags look gross!
    Was there any grisly bits? It looks like there'd be heaps.
    I just like plain ol' Aldi's snags.


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