Monday, April 06, 2009


There is this gorgeous girl in Australia who saw this batik material on an 'ebay-type' site and thought of me.... she then asked me if I wanted some... and got it for me! HOW BLOODY cool is that??? I am wrapt! I am tickled PINK.

Magpie is a fairly new blogger... and is on the friggin Weight Loss Journey like so many of us... so pop over and give her some support. She is bloody nice!

In FOUR days it will be the end of term for the kids... so they will be home for over two weeks..Stew is taking the first week off too... we are thinking of going to Whitianga for a few days over Easter. I can HARDLY wait.

I don't have any plans for today, I usually spend Monday's getting the house nice and tidy after the weekend... so... on with it!
And don't forget to go and visit Magpie... ta.

Ahhh NOLA: I am always good! lol ya Tart.
You are not going to believe this...but I have done sweet fanny all today! I've watched a bit of TV, done a bit of housework, watched a bit of TV, blogged.... and that's IT! I feel so.... bad! I have been nowhere, spoken to no one... tis sad.... very sad.
Soon.. I will have to go out and get the kids from school... and then...cook dinner. *sigh*... can I get any more ... BORING?
OK... so I am boring today.. but come on! A simple "Hello" via a comment would be nice! pfffffft. I know... I shouldn't beg for comments... hell I get enough USUALLY..... as of a minute ago my blog was gawked at 347 times so far TODAY... and only 5 of you bothered to say 'Hi'... *sigh* I have nothing to do but bitch today.
End of Day: ahhh feel better now that a FEW of you buggers have said "Hi" to me today! Stew just walked past me.. right after dropping the MOST STINKY FART EVER.. I am gagging! And to think I sleep with that stinker! EEEEEEwwwww. nite nite.


  1. That us such a pretty fabric. I hope you get good weather for Easter if you go away, actually just I hope we get good weather full stop!!

  2. That was really nice of her!! Beautiful material and I have put her in my favourites to go have a read when I get time. It's funny how you see things when you are shopping and you think "Oh, such and such would love that"!! and they are your blog buddies who you have never met!! Cool though:) Ever since you said you love cows I have been noticing bloody cows when I shop and thinking...Chris the TART would like that!!!! Might get you one some day if you bloody behave yourself!!!

  3. Lovely material, is that a match stick I see on the top one?? or are my eyes playing up???

  4. Ooooh, slobber. That material is soooo lovely! As my textile knowledge is not that great, is it a silky material? Wouldn't that be nice with a black border? You lucky duck! Enjoy! xx

  5. Hello!
    that is nice fabric!
    Hope you had a good day

  6. OK you tart - hello!!! I've been busy - just checking in before I dish up dinner.

  7. HELLO Chris!! =]

  8. Love the fabric..... and Hi :-)

  9. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Hi from Melbourne.......Love Chris xxx

  10. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Hi, Chris I'm guilty check on you several times throughout the day but don't leave comments, Sorry.
    A bog HELLO from Oz.

  11. I've been at work all day and only just got home. The fabric is lovely and I have bookmarked Magpie to have a squizz at later. Alright, Mrs Bossy Boots?!!!

    And today wasn't a boring day it was a quiet and reflective day!

  12. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Hello Chris

    I am one of the gawkers - although we have never met, I imagine that you write as you would speak.

    Fabric is pretty and you must be nice for this person to send it to you


  13. Hi Chris! *waves* That it gorgeous fabric! :)

  14. Ok, so rena is loving swimming and dancing, im still out of a job, but we are all doing well.

    Daughter #3

  15. See I wasnt getting at you, cos you say "hi" to me on my blog, I was just suggesting those from far away like in UK or USA say hello, cheer up you sound grumpy today. lol!!!!

  16. PS you didnt confirm if it was a match stick or not!!!!

  17. I can't help it! I'm on the other side of the world! =0P I'm always one of the very first to post, or the very last =0p

    My mother in law brought home an idea for a sweet treat from her WW meetings that we love. Get a low fat grahm cracker and break it in half. Put 2 tablespoons of fat free coolwhip on the cracker and put the top on to make a little sandwich. Freeze for 3 or 4 hours and they make a great ice cream sandwich type snack. With the grahm crackers we use, it is only 1 point.

  18. Awesome material!

    My kids are off of school for the next couple of weeks too. Fun. Fun.

  19. Gorgeous material !!!

    And I thought I did say hi ...hmmmm ...I think I'm losing it :-)

  20. the fart. Do what I do, grab a can of air freshner and spray it in the direction of his bum !! :-)

  21. ...Make that eighteen commenters! Hello from this "tart" from the States!!

  22. Wow... love that fabric... If I could sew I would use it :)
    Sorry I haven't been around as often... life is crazy... if it isn't one thing it is another...
    thanks for dropping by and thinking of me...

  23. Hey my darling!! I haven't been around reading lately ... too much happening!! Just thought I'd pop in and say HI!!! Oh and *lol* at Stew dropping a stinker!!! *lol* Typical male!!!!!
    Have a great Easter!! xoxoxo Will catch up soon ......

  24. I ♥ the fabric....absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!


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