Thursday, April 23, 2009


I got an award from COFFEE SLUT and THROUGH THICK AND THIN ...... thanks girls.

I am going to pass this award on to: HELLS BELLS...I started compiling a list (I really did!) of who I wanted to give it to.... but it got soooo long it was ridiculous! So, if you are on my blog list.. it's for YOU! BUT especially to all of you who comment FAITHFULLY, and offer support when needed. {{{hugs}}}

I am looking forward to having a cruisy type of day.... I might even take the kids out somewhere. No idea where... but it better be cheap! I am broke ... *sigh* and am too scared to spend anything in case I have to pay those bloody car fines! Grrrrrrr.

What else? Hmmmmm.... not a lot! LATER....

***PEPSI has been updated.***
PAMELA: Re your comment yesterday.... all I can say is "Jealousy will get you nowhere! Oh..... and:
Stupid comments like that just show there are a lot of mean, nasty minded people out there who are so unhappy in their own lives they want to try and bring others down with them... SORRY but it won't work with me. I am too happy.
FROGGY: thanks for the lovely comment... but I feel the need to say this... I do call a spade a spade .. this is true. I do not, however, disrespect other people's opinions. Everyone is entitled to their OPINION... and I hope I never ever forget that. Pamela's opinion of me was just that, her opinion... it was how she went about voicing it that I did not respect.
Now, what have I been doing? READING! I got engrossed in a book and I just can't put it down. The kids are very happily watching telly, playing Playstation... all is good! We have not gone out as planned... why rock the boat when all is good eh?
Teddy needs a brushing, so that's next on me list... well he got brushed and clipped a bit more. Sheesh that dog gets knots so quick!
Kids got noisy and annoying towards the end of the day, so they have both been dispatched to bed.
End of Day: well it's been 'interesting'.... and I'm glad I have so many friends out there who also think 'Palmela' is a git. nite nite.


  1. Yeah for you! I need to go somewhere too, preferably somewhere chilly [air conditioned] as it's 95 degree here......bring on the salad.

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    OMFG ... well said Chris. Why do people bother to comment other than they have nothing better to do and are jealous of the following you have.

    Pamela..get a life! One of your own! And if you don't like what Chris says/how she looks, you have free will..don't read her blog.

    Chris..stay true to yourself.
    Michele xx

  3. Hi Chris! I love your excellent response to that RIDICULOUS comment.

    Really. Some people just need to get a life!


  4. Hope you have a great day....and you don't have to pay those darn fines.
    Ohhhhh and I love the hair colour, darker does suit you!!

  5. Hope you find something fun to do! Have a great day and funny I had to go back to read pamelas comment LOL... how sad to be so petty but shrug there is always one in every croud! rock on MY friend!

  6. How BRAVE of Pamela to post her comment! (*rolls eyes*) Oh...but no link to her own blog so we can all go and judge her? It must have been an oversight on her part. I am sure when she reads all the comments of support for one of our favourite bloggers she will leave another comment with a link.

    Great response, Chris. I know I'll still be flipping the bird in pics when I'm your age! :P

  7. What I love about you, Chris, is you speak with honesty. So what if people disagree? I'm not always on the same page as you, but I respect your opinions and your reasons for having them. Besides, you are so gosh darn funny!

    The only opinion that is important to yours!

    You and Diet Coke ROCK!!

  8. Hi Chris go tell that stupid bitch PAMELA to get stuffed what a nasty bitch if you cant say anything nice keep your BIG MOUTH shut.
    Can you block people like that.
    Your kids are lucky to have you and just because 1 of them is into drugs dosent make you a bad person she is resposable for her own actions she is after all 29 aint she

  9. I love your hair colour...lookin' hot!! I also like your reply to Pamela...well said:)

  10. I have to say, I was intrigued so I went back and read Pam's comment. What a class A Bitch! Where do people get off saying sh** like that? Obviously she is not a friend of yours? Horrid woman!

    Personally, I really admire you and have a lot of respect for you. You call a spade a spade and to hell with anyone else's opinion. Don't you change a thing about yourself and we love you just as you are!


  11. Good to see you aren't letting that comment get to you!

  12. Ooops. At first I thought you got an award for being a slut. Honest mistake.

  13. Go Chris. I hope that "Pamela" realises it's a waste of time trying to bring you down mate, what an egg-head. Anyway you look great, you're smiling.. I love it. Hey if you want a neat 'movie' go and see the Topp Twins.. it was hilarious and sad, and even though I was never a 'big' fan I admire how they've stood up for NZ and for women.

  14. One thing I totally admire about you Chris, is the fact that you are HONEST and do exactly as you say.... you call a spade a spade, and I love it!
    Poo poo to Pamela....

  15. Anonymous8:34 PM

    OMG - Yes she has a right to an opinion, but there is a saying if you do not like what is on TV - turn to a different channel.

    There is absolutely no reason for her to leave such a comment - if she does not like what you say - do not look at the blog - I say

    Good for you Chris for publishing her comment and the response you gave


  16. Sounds like a lovely day. What is the book you're reading? I collect books!! A friend introduced me to Terry Pratchett but after reading 11 books straight I think I need a break!

    Isn't it bliss when the kids have a good, amuse themselves day? I miss the days when my kids were youngsters but not so much I'd go back there!

    Do you guys observe ANZAC day? 'Scuse my ignorance!

  17. I had to go back and read Pamela's comment, thanks for leaving it there. So you are nearly 60??? I am older than you, I dress nicely, certainly not mutton dressed like lamb, also hairstyle is a personal choice, for Gods sake who is this women???is she real?? or a made up name??? Does she think cos we have hit the big 50, we should be in pastel twin sets and pearls with sensible walking shoes!!! This is ridiculous, and as for your kids being addicts and hating you, well they are adults, they chose their paths, and just look at how you and Stew parent B & G, you deserve a medal. Please dont allow idiots like her to upset you, as I have said before, it is refreshing to know someone who is honest and forthright and not afraid to say whats what. You go girl, from one 51 year old to another almost 51 year old!!!!

  18. OMFG, Pamaela,

    I dnt know how you r talking about my mother like that,

    my mum is not old, her hair looks great, her dress sence is great and her ATTITUDE well thats my mum if you dont like it dont read the bloddy blog.

    If my mum wants to look good so she should, the amount of kids she has raised she deserves to look and feel pretty.

    every one knows my mums attitude and that she speaks her mind.

    and as for drugs, well unless you know every one of us keep you mouth shut and we dont hate our mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just thought i mite have my say. Sorry mum......

    Daughter #3

  19. Dominique10:04 PM

    There will always be trouble makers online, they get off on aggravating people. Don't get bothered by her, she is a real B1TCH!
    Your hair look lovely and the colour suits you.

    Dominique x

  20. Good for you.....I had one the other day that seriously bugged the crap out of me...and still does and I don't have the guts to say anything because I know her personally....WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

  21. Beckie11:45 PM

    Glad you arent letting that pathetic 'Pamela' get to you! If she has such a problem with you, why go to the trouble of reading your blog and then commenting! All i can say is jealously issues there! You look absolutely fantastic, i love your hair and your attitude! Age is just a number- your only as young as you case about 80 when i'm really 24 (kids wear me out!) lol.

    take care xx


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