Monday, April 27, 2009


I got ANOTHER award! This time from Virginia. Thanks chick!

The rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Write 5 things you are passionate about apart from blogging.
3. Tag 5 people on your list and let them know you tagged them.


I'm passionate about...

1. Stew... always have been, always will be. He ROCKS.
2. My kids and grandkids..MOST OF THE TIME anyway!
3. Shopping, no secret there!
4. Crafts, being creative and productive.
5. Reading, boating, fishing, swimming.... ooops got carried away!

Now, who to tag....
1. Mrs C...
2. Nola (The Tart)
3. Sue
4. Anne (private blogger)
5. Jaxx

Why these girls? Cos they are probably the most CONSISTANT commentors... they are always 'there' to give their 2cents worth, and I like them! Of course there are lots more out there who I like too... but I was only supposed to list 5... so don't go hating me!

Isn't it a lovely day? Well it is!
The kids are off to school and I can do WHATEVER the hell I like for 6 whole hours! How DELICIOUS. I am off for a walk if it's fine enough... all that talk about walking to Manukau is on hold... after my much smaller walk yesterday I have realised that the distance is beyond me at the moment! I used to be able to walk that distance, but not now. *sob*

BUT... I will do it again one day. So, smaller steps to get back into it.

The day holds lots of promise.... of silence if nothing else!.....yeah... famous last words.

-I didn't get out for a walk.

-I DID do the darn washing.

-Teddy DID get into Brylee's room and eat her socks.

-I have spent the last hour or so trying to get my bloody computer to work.. it froze... I felt like throwing the bloody thing out the window. I HATE IT sometimes! Even now it's on a 'go slow'...

-I decided to cook some veges for lunch:

-Because I was so distracted by this bloody computer I burnt me onions... but they still got eaten. I don't particularly LIKE burnt onions, but I was so pissed off I ate them anyway. pfffffft.

- and to cap it off... I found out I DO have to pay those darn car fines. BYE BYE $400. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

YOU 'out there' who prays to forgive me cursing... you have a BIG JOB on your hands today! Now off ya go!

End of Day: well.. it didn't get any worse! In fact, quite a normal evening. Yaa for that. nite nite.


  1. Thanks, Chris! Enjoy the silence and peace. :]

  2. So nice when the kids go back to school!

  3. Bloody hell....I hate being tagged!!! Ya bloody least that is a reasonably easy one:) It is 6am here and the alarm will go off for Ricky to get up in a few minutes and then I will have to do our lunches and get ready for work I will do it tonight!! How many hours in front of us are you??...bloody heaps I think because you have already done half a days stuff by the time I turn my computer on in the morning!!!!

  4. Hahaha can so relate to the silence lol love it am feeling so much better and this kids have only been gone 2 hours

  5. You got me thinking with the tag - thanks!

    Have a good day - and enjoy the silence!!!

  6. Enjoy your day of freedom! Isn't it hard to get into exercise. A few months ago I spent a fortune on a treadmill and I've been on it once! It just sits in the lounge-room mocking me... :(

  7. Aah, blessed silence...I can hear it from here! That's cause I am at work alone for most of today! Love it!

    It's nice to get the kids off to school again. Although, I have to admit, I would rather have the problem of a bored pre-teen than be at work!

    Hope Teddy gets the hang of the doggy door. Great invention they are. Good luck!


  8. I love crafting too. I really like your energy. Yes, I can feel it all the way from over here in South Florida, USA.

  9. At least the kids are back at school - one positive for the day :-). If they are anything like mine they will be fairly knackered tonight so early to bed.

  10. myfatquarter@blogspot.com2:00 PM

    Haha is that brussel sprouts in your lunch.. oh YUCK!! You should have stayed in PN girl. We had a shower last night but that's first rain for a month at least. It is so warm .. yesterday was 25... eat your heart out you Jaffa's!!!

  11. Sorry Chris...... I had to laugh at the bad day you are having......think I would have gone back to bed and got up again......tomorrow will be better I promise ROFL
    Hugs from this end of the Island.

  12. Somebody PRAYS for you to stop swearing??? That thought, my dear, is fucking hilarious!!!

    I can relate to the diminished exercise tolerance. I8 months ago I could run for 6+ks. Now I'm breathless after walking up a flight of stairs. It will, as you so rightly observe, come back. Only I think I have to start moving first!

    Did Teddy swallow the socks? I can't help but imagine the end result.

  13. Your lunch looks yummy ....burnt onions and all!

  14. Chris, I'd probably be saying a few choice words myself if I were you right now.

    LOL Last time I said a few things while driving I had to tell my young children that was just King James English and they hadn't gotten to that part of the Bible yet...

  15. Sorry to hear you got stuck paying those fines. I would be swearing too. Hope you had a blissful day with the kids back in school. Good luck training the dog to use the doggy door. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

  16. Glad you got some quiet today.. sucks about the $400!!!

  17. Thanks for the tag Chris...I'll have to give some good thought as to what I am passionate about, and try really hard not to make all 5 entries about food!

    1. Chocolate
    2. Peanut butter & Chocolate
    3. More chocolate....

  18. What??? YOU like to shop? When did this happen?

    Ha ha! Just kidding.

  19. Congrats on you passionate award!


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