Sunday, April 19, 2009


ABOVE: photos from yesterday, as promised. Port Waikato was quite lovely! And the Houseboat at the top.... to die for!


POOR Poor Teddy! He is CRAWLING with fleas! I don't know where the hell they have come from! He has never had them before, we put Frontline on him every two months. I put MORE on him two days ago..... and he's still got them!

I am going NUTS. I HATE FLEAS. I am scratching myself silly.... and I am phobic about having fleas myself.

HELP!!!!! ...... WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???

We are heading off to Bethell's Beach today... to dig up some ferns for the garden. Will show you how it went .... LATER!

(if you didn't read it yesterday... there is an update on my private blog...
So far today...
- I have washed all Teddy's bedding
- I have sprayed insecticide all over other places where he lies
- I have bathed Teddy in Flea Shampoo, making sure to keep the lather on him for a good long time
- I have put MORE Frontline on him!
ABOVE: Less than impressed... in the shower getting all the shampoo thoroughly washed off. Poor boy, he was traumatised!
We have been out to the SIL's for some plants... only got three little ones ... will probably have to buy some bigger ones eventually. Bugger.
Had a lovely visit with her..... got eaten alive with mozzies...
Griffin stubbed his toe and screamed and cried for ages.... 1 drop of blood was SQUEEZED out of the toe. lol
Stew had put dinner in the Crock Pot before we left (Beef Stew), the smell is devine now! Mouth is watering.....
***I just put a little post on the PEPSI blog***
End of Day: another really neat day here in Auckland! When are they going to end??? nite nite. *smiles*


  1. Fleas suck! theres a pill I get at our Vet called CAPSTAR. the furbaby can take it and it kills all the fleas on their body. I dont know how long it lasts. But is good for using in-between frontline treatments.

  2. I live in Georgia, U.S., where the summers are hot and muggy and fleas are out of control. I use Frontline once a month on my animals, but I have to tell you what I bathe them in. Dawn dish detergent! Kills those suckers instantly. Just leave the suds on him for approx. ten minutes, then rinse and reapply the Frontline.

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I think Advantage works better than Frontline (in my experience anyway). Also, using wool wash (a cheap brand) before you apply the flea treatment is the way to go. When the fleas get really bad you may need to wash his bedding and all the other stuff he has come in contact with. Bloody nuisance!

    Love your photos from the say-trip!


  4. Poor Teddy looks adorable in the shower!
    No fleas here YET, but I found a nice tick on Abby last week ....ugh!

  5. Was just going to say what Anonymous said before me - I was using Frontline on Zanna was it didnt seem to be working. My vet was saying that over time fleas become immune to the treatments - so like the person above I switched to Advantage and its doing the trick. Good luck!! Z xx

  6. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Hello, I'm Kristin, the lady in Singapore, would love to read your private blog.....but you might not feel comfortable with that, and that's ok. Cheers, Kristin

  7. fleas are horrible beasts!! I hope that you guys can get rid of them and figure out where they came from. Would it have been from that puppy the other day?


    All those f*ckers will be DEAD in FOUR HOURS!

    And you will have to re-Frontline him again in 2 WEEKS! There isn't enough oil in their coat after a bath for it to work properly.


  9. Like when I found nits in our grandsons hair, I felt itch for ages!!

  10. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Hi Chris

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, sorry to hear about the fleas.

    Question thou - Chris - can you pls tell me how you get more than one photo in a post?


  11. Oh, no! Fleas are ick! But better on the dog than you. Once we moved into a place and didn't know there were fleas... awful. We had to have the pest control people come out and spend $150 just on the spraying... years and years ago... must be more expensive now.

    Fleas! Ick!

  12. I have been so lucky with Storm and Knackers no fleas in 15 years and no treatments or preventers either. Thank God! But that means no advise from me :(

    Zip me an invite for your pepsiisyuk blog

  13. Youch! I remember stubbing my toe so many times as a kid... actually, I still do it quite a lot.

    It hurts!

  14. Anonymous7:13 PM

    thxs for the info

    Yep a very regular reader - that is why you are on my blog - so I remember to check in


  15. Not sure what to suggest re the fleas.

    One good thing about living at altitude is that we don't get fleas. Nada ...none...zilch .. not a hair !!

    Poor dogs are going to be in for a shock, once they make it to NZ..

    Didn't you just have him at the groomers? Wonder if he got them there?

    Great photos, BTW..

  16. Looks like fun. Some day, I would like to rent a house boat.


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