Thursday, April 09, 2009


The kids will be home for 17 days... and I'm not that unhappy about it... REALLY!

I won't have to get up early, made their breakfasts/lunches and get them to school on time. I can chill out! .... there's only the two of them afterall. Just wish they didn't fight and argue so much.....

At least Stew will be home for the first half .. and we may go to the beach... nothing is settled yet though. If the weather is going to be crap I don't see the point in going... there's no decent Tv over there, no internet, it's a tiny wee house, it will be too cold to go swimming... so we will just wait and see.

For today... I'm just going to make the most of the day... will try and get a walk in... Teddy doesn't seem to mind the pushchair at all... we get a few funny stares, but hell... who cares? NOT ME.

EASTER: Well I have given Stew clear and precise instructions, he is only to bring home a couple of Easter Eggs for the kids... no huge piles in the pantry or fridge staring at me ... I don't think my resolve is that strong to resist them if they are in the house.... I am AIMING on having NONE. Let's see if I can hold out eh? Who else will try that with me? NO EGGS, NO CHOCOLATE... ZIP/NADA/NIL...!

If I succeed in my resolve I am going to reward myself with.... a new handbag!

*SIGH*.. it has already started:

Our very cute neighbour Myra stopped me on my way home this morning... Easter Bunnies for the kids! Now they are sitting on the bench laughing at me... I think they will have to go in the linen cupboard so I can't see them!

I went out... I bought meat... then stopped at the library for some books... go an instant fine for not having a current WOF and REGO...oooops!!! $400 down the tubes. SAD NOW.

Going to sulk some more now.

End of Day: Stew came home ... with more chocolate. *shaking head*.... so far so good... I've had none. nite nite.


  1. Lee-AnneL7:35 AM

    Take the Handbag Chris......Just a question I am on Optifast does it make your mouth dry? thanks No eggs for me either I get my new breast at the end of the month if i lose these last 3 kgs

  2. I'm going to have one teeny weeny marshmellow one and enjoy every mouthful! Good luck Chris!

  3. myfatquarter@blogspot.com10:48 AM

    Hell, I'll do it with ya Chris. NO chocolate at all. the Manager in PN has just given me an Easter Bunny but I'm sending it on to my grandchildren. I have to weigh in today.. ho humm!

    I love your blog Chris. You really give me a giggle in the mornings.. I need them!!

  4. My vote s for the handbag as well...

    I have a couple of kids that I ned to my Easter eggs for. Will be doing that at the last minute ...and will be only buying stuff that is already bagged, wrapped whatever..

    None of this filling those little plastic easter eggs with lollies ... one fr the easter egg, one for my mouth... not this year ... no way ... :-)

  5. lol, they do look like there laughing at you, taunting you! just think of ya new handbag xxx

  6. Chris, I can so relate to those evil easter bunnies. I have been pretty good to resist chocolate for the last 5 months but somehow chocolate bunnies taste better!!!

    I will join you in your challenge.

    Our kids break up today too. Have a fantastic easter Chris.

  7. Hmmmm ... if you got a post from 'Jay'...well, it was actually me. Forgot to check the identity before I hit send :-)

  8. Yes, I'm trying to avoid the dreaded chocolate as well, hope you and I suceed.

    Have a great Easter!

  9. Ya know, on WW you are allowed some treats. Maybe you can go for a good brisk walk then allow yourself just a small piece each day. I used to work for Cadbury and I had a freezer full of chocolate. I was very good and only allowed myself one small piece a day, but my daughter ate it all before I could get to it! Little troll! lol

    Good luck and I admire your guts woman. Go for it! xx

    Oh, and HAPPY EASTER!

  10. $400!!! Ouch. Better go and put my new rego label on the car! Thanks for the reminder.

    I can resist cheap chocolate but those Lindt bunnies get me every time. We are having guests for dinner on Saturday night I think I'll put a mini bunny on everyone's plate and that will be that.

    Or maybe it won't!!

    Hot cross buns are another story. I lurve HCBs!

  11. Sorry....can't do it!!!! I am going to allow myself one really special treat over the Easter. Don't know what yet...but something worth it!!!!

  12. whoops hope you don't have an accident now cause you aint insured either without a rego and warrant...bugga.

  13. I bought myself a little small pack with 3 or 4 small liquer filled gluten free eggs in it and am making gluten free hotcross buns in the morning and will have one with butter on it. That is all.

    Terrible about the fine, I am in the same state at the mo, need to book it in early next week but the barstard needs a starter motor too, and a service, bloody cars, give me a horse any day.

  14. You can do it! Be strong!

    For those of us not from New Zealand . . .can you explain what you got the fines for? That is a lot of money!

  15. Holidays and temptation go hand in hand. Hope you hold strong and get that Handbag you have your eyes on. Holy Crap $400.00 that is a pain. Hope you survive the break and the kids don't fight too much.

    BTW my neighbor walks her dog is a pushcart too. You are not the only one my dear.

  16. LOL Awww... the evil bunny exists in New Zealand too, bless you. If it's any comfort, Easter will be over sooner for you than me.


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