Tuesday, April 28, 2009


All right Steve... cos I know you read this.... COME HOME!

All you readers out there... get behind me on this one!

Steve has POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).... and he's really not well right now. His Dad and I are trying to convince him to move up here with us..... and MUCH as I hate the idea of having a friggin extra bloke in da house.... we kinda love him... and want to help him get better sooner if possible.

So, leave a comment... tell the little shit to come home!

DO YOU HEAR ME STEVE??? COME HOME.... and AMANDA JANE get ya tongue back in your mouth and STOP drooling!
-It is back to Patchwork Class for me today.... NEAT.
-ALSO: The Dog Door is getting installed later today.... YAAA... then I can sit outside in the cold trying to get Teddy to use it! NEAT.
-AND apparently Lacy is visiting us this afternoon too...
Patchwork class was 'entertaining' if nothing else. I got no work done at all.. which was annoying. We had to wait our 'turn' to trace out the pattern of the project we are doing this term... and my turn did not come... so I will have to do it tonight. I am going to make my own pattern instead of using the class one... everyone is doing a Dragonfly over a green background. I am going to do a Seahorse over a blue background.
The rest of the day has been slow... so far. The glass man is due soon, Lacy is due in about an hour or so....
The glass man turned up, knocked on the door ... I didn't hear him so he went away again! He obviously didn't use the bloody door knocker... I WOULD have heard that! Pffffft... now he's coming back tomorrow. With a flea in his ear.
Lacy's visit went well, her and the boyfriend stayed for about 2 hours... for the first time EVER I forgot to take photos! I can hardly believe that! Me, forget to take photos! *shaking me head*
End of Day: I now have a tension headache... not much has gone right today... and the one thing I thought might turn to custard ... didn't! So weird. Am going to bed early ... I'm feeling ikkk. nite nite.


  1. Steve, if you don't want to move home, come to San Diego...I'd be happy to take care of you! (so would my 22 year old daughter!)

  2. Have never heard of it before, hope you can get him home..... and hope you have a lovely visit this afternoon :-)

  3. go home Steve :) enjoy the help and pampering you can recieve by going home :)

  4. Steve, am praying for you and your whole family right now that you all make the best decision!!

    Chris, tears and prayers for you right now. I know things have to be very very hard.


  5. Steve, let your folks take care of you for awhile! You know that Chris is very entertaining, and will keep your mind off your troubles. :) Seriously, let your family help, and get well soon.

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    be like ET Steve and Go Home Chris and Stew will be the best medicine for ya right now kiddo.


  7. I hope Steve takes you up on your offer.

  8. Steve

    Go and stay with your family for a while. Not only will your mum and dad be happy but the smile on both Griffin and Brylee's faces would be worth it. Trust me (am going to quote the words of a chick who wore some awesome red shoes!!!) - there is no place like home.

    Otherwise I know of a few girls here in North Queensland who would well and truly look after you!!!

    (Sorry Chris - had to get that one in)

    Let your family help to get you back on top of things again.

    Many hugs to you all


  9. myfatquarter.blogspot.com10:45 AM

    What a decision ah Steve. Leave gorgeous sunny blue skies in Palmy North to go to wet, cold and unpredicatable Jaffaland!! But just think of Mum and Dad's cooking, lots of hugs from Mum, no Dr's bills and hey Dad would have an excuse to watch MORE rugby with you there!! Go for a break at least.. you might just like it and you know Mum's .. they just keep nagging till you do!!!

  10. Get home to ya mother ya bloody git!!!!!!! What an offer....you would be pampered for a while. Except if she wants you to wash up or mow the lawn...then I would play on it if I was you and have an immediate attack of the "vapours". This could work, Steve....bloody hell yes :)

  11. Better go home Steve. You don't want to cross Mom.
    Hope you get well soon.
    Good luck getting him home, Chris.

  12. Hey, Steve, I'd do what I was told if I were you - she could get nasty! lol

    It's nice to be wanted somewhere you are loved, isn't it? Go home and let your family love you!

    All the best to you all

  13. Steve, best place is to be at home where you can be looked after. I bet griffin would be thrilled to have you home.

  14. Steve, you cheeky shit :o) (yes I remember you from your mother's Birthday party)... make the move the big smoke... think about all the good concerts you get to see, there is so much more on offer here – events, shopping, things to do, places to see, and new people to meet. Leave behind Parmy North and make the move to the Big Smoke.

  15. what can be done for this heart problem?

  16. Steve2:59 PM

    Dont worry mum im giving it very serious consideration. Although this matter will require much contimplation on my part, i will endeavour to let you know my response asap. Although some of the offers from of your blogger friends does sound good ;)

    In the very least i will come and visit for a lengthy period of time :D


  17. Hey Chris, are you mad asking him to move home haha joking!!

    Steve mate common at least you have the option to move home I have never had that so you are a lucky man.
    Go home let Mum take care of you and get better and then see what the big smoke has to offer you :)
    Hope you get better soon matie and things get better.


  18. Yay, Steve speaks, and it's good news! :)

  19. STEVE... Plz go home to mum and dad, we all only want the best for you, and to think you be closer to most of us and Leigh and Rena,

    Daughter #3

  20. Yes, please come home Steve, at least so your poor mum won't have to worry so much. :-)

  21. My second marriage had collapsed and my back problems were worsening. My parents were 2000km away! I moved home to be with them, even though I was 26 years old. There's nothing like being with your parents when you need some TLC. Move home Steve. Move home and get better sooner.

  22. ah its always good when boys listen! Go steve, mum always knows best :)

  23. lol... how did you know I was drooling :P Thats a handsome photo of Steve! I hope he comes home so you can take care of him... otherwise ship him over to Holland ASAP ;)

  24. yeahhh think about it Steve...sounds like a darn good offer. Hope all goes well.
    Big hugs to you Chris, hope you had a great night.

  25. Yea Steve, come home already!!

  26. yeah, come home Steve.. do it for mom already!

    p.s. Thanks for leaving me a voice comment! have i mentioned that you have my favorite accent in the world?

  27. Come home Steve! Let your parents take care of you while you spend some nice, quality time with them!

  28. Steve, take your Mom up on her offer! If you don't I will!

  29. I hope you get yourself home, Steve.

    Sounds like you had a stressful day. Sorry to hear about your headache. Hope tomorrow finds you better and more relaxed.

  30. Go home, Steve! You of all people should know how determined your mom can be. Just save yourself the argument and get your ass home.

    Chris, I will refrain from making any comments about how bloody adorable he is... Oops. That doesn't count.

  31. Steve...listen to your mother....WOW! Is he ever a good looking boy! You guys do good work together! I am going to have to look that up and see what it is...I am sorry to hear this...it is always so hard to have a child going through something...dang it! I will keep him in my prayers...and you too!!!

  32. Yeah Steve, move home! You lucky man, you! My mom would NEVER ask me to come back. I put her through too much as a teenager.

  33. Plus, Steve, your mom likes to shop. I mean, come on. You know she'll get you something every now and then. Lucky!

  34. Steve, you better move home. Otherwise, your mom will write more stuff about you.

  35. Renee Collins11:03 AM

    Move home !! I have POTS and wish I had more people in my life to help me out


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