Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Who is this pesky little person.....

Who thinks I'm the next best thing to sliced bread???

Who just won't......

Leave me.....
Alone!..... *sigh*

Hmmm.. smells OK.....

Ahhhh.... this is better! LOL

Teddy is getting run ragged by Rena... she loves him. It's so bloody cute to see them together. She treats him like a toy... and he let's her. What a fantastic wee dog.

TODAY: well.. we might go out to a mall.... Hopefully it's not too wet today. It was yesterday.

And if I can I will take a photo of my new hair colour to show ya ....

We have been out and about... checked out the Manukau Mall, then headed off to Pak N Save for some groceries, which is just around the corner from Manukau Mall... but SOMEHOW... the car drove ITSELF to Sylvia Park Mall! I don't know how that happened!
Anyway, while there we did get the groceries, had a quick look around then home so Rena could have a nap.

Kelly took a few photos of 'the hair' so I will post them tomorrow... there's enough photos on this update already! I pity anyone without Broadband who likes to read my blog... it must take FOREVER to download all the photos. *sigh*

Kelly and the kids leave tomorrow, so 'normal' blog reading/commenting will recommence then! lol (who misses me?).....

End of Day: been totally lazy for days... and starting to feel really sluggish too. ugh. nite nite.


  1. Would love to see your new hair color! and maybe one day soon I'll post a pic of my new haircut!

  2. Luverly photos...

    Rena is so cute ...love those big eyes..

    It's also really neat that Teddy is so cool with her. You got a good one there !!! :-)

  3. Rena is adorable, and love those shots. LOL at her treating Teddy like a toy.

  4. Cute pics!

    I'm guessing flaming red. Let's see it!

  5. Rena is beautiful, and so is Teddy.....

  6. Yes, any dog who is that gentle with litle ones is a treasure!

    So cute - the both of them!

  7. I know I'll kick myself in the morning, but I sure would love to have one of those Renas. She is absolutely adorable, especially with Teddy.

    Looks like you had a great day! I'm glad for you. I've been loving your beach pictures! They are really very good.

  8. Awww she's so cute! Getting big already!

  9. What a cute dog...what kind is it?

  10. How adorable!!!!!! What a beautiful baby and stinkin' cute poochie.....

  11. Rena is a little sweetheart Chris. So cute. And I loved Kayda's house in the bush. Oh what a neat retreat that would be. It looks very quiet and relaxing. Loved the Rat Cat...haha..

  12. what a cute baby and your right your wee little doggie is a very good boy!

  13. Love the photos. Happy too that you have had a nice visit with family :)

  14. man your dog is just gorgeous!!!

    (sorry just a stalker/reader most of the time, don't generally have time to post. Follow every day however and I shall endeavour to make more of an effort!).

  15. I just posted this under my own site...opps!! The kids are adorable as well....I wanted to make sure you knew I noticed them!
    Here's my reply:
    That's what I thought...very cute!! We are contemplating another dog and have only had larger dogs. I'm going to look into this more...thanks again!

  16. Poor Teddy! Of course, it doesn't look like he suffered too much!

  17. Nice photos of your grand daughter. Thankfully you have a great pup. Looks like you are having a good time on break with the kids. Waiting to see your new hair.

  18. Cute photos of the little ones with the dog. Almost makes me want to get a dog for my kids. Almost.


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