Saturday, April 11, 2009


The kids may have thought the flounder were kinda YUK... but let me tell you.... they tasted lovely! And really low in points too. BONUS.

Today... well I don't know if I feel like doing much... I have a stuffed up head.. sore throat and just feel a bit 'off'... so probably will be staying home and doing stuff all.

I havn't done any sewing for over a week either.. and I do have the material to join all my Star Blocks together... just not the inclination right now. NO HURRY...

DIET: well I think it's going well since last weigh in... I did have an ice-cream yesterday (evil) ... BUT, no Easter Eggs! So I am on track to get a new handbag! YIPEE!

I decided, spur of the moment to invite friends over for dinner... they said "YES"... so we had to pop out to get a few groceries. OMG.... every man and his dog must have been out and about today.. the supermarket was MAD!!! I had a serious case of 'Road Rage' by the time we got home again.... you just couldn't move for people.... and bloody kids everywhere too. GRRRR.

I am NOT a very patient person... I will admit it freely! I hate being in crowds, it just drives me mental.

What time is it? Too early for a stiff drink! Bugger.

End of Day: we had a wonderful dinner party.. good company, good wine... lots of lovely yakking... I LOVE IT! nite nite.


  1. Good for you Chris ... I'm sorry you're feeling blah but I wish you and your family the bestest Easter :) and yep I've got a bunny for Easter, but it's a fluffy cuddly bunny AND calorie free LOL :)

    Have a great day :)

  2. I don't like Flounder a whole lot either - glad you found a way to make it that you enjoy! I prefer Salmon or haddock myself:)0

  3. Yummmmm ...fresh flounder. I've been missing it, as it is really hard to find here, locally.

    If you can find it, it usually frozen, which is not the same..

    Love the expressions on the kids faces. :-)

    Hope you're feeling better soon :-(

    Happy Easter !

  4. I have never eaten flounder....but it does look a little frightful! Hope you are doing well!

  5. OMG flounder is awesome.... love it. Have a great day we are also feeling a bit head coldy as well think it is the drop in temperately gone bloody cold.

  6. Hi, sorry I haven't been around for a while. Sheesh - there were so many posts I deleted them all and i'm going to start again from scratch. I'm in Melbourne for Easter, hoping to meet up with CKK either today or tomorrow. Wish you were here too!
    Happy Easter my friend.
    Lots of hugs to you, Stew and the kiddie winkles.

  7. Happy Easter to you all, hope you feel better soon!!

  8. I love flounder...but think I prefer it on a plate with some lovely garnish...that picture is a little too fresh for me! ha!

    I hope you have a delightful Easter Chris! Warmest wishes to you family from mine.

  9. I also made the mistake of inviting people for dinner. Have been to the supermarket TWICE today already.

    Enjoy the evening and have a lovely Easter.

  10. traffic was thick here too, you deserve a rest you've been BUSY!
    I love flounder it's a very good fish. My grandmother used to make a lovely white sauce seasoned with dried brown mustard that might sound weird but it is delicious. yummm nice memories.

  11. ROFL.......we had the same here at our supermarket!!! It was like Christmas all over again and the shops were only shut for 1 day!!!!!! All I wanted was a couple of things.....should have just gone to the Dairy :)
    Have a great night with friends....we are doing the same :)

  12. I love Flounder lightly coated in flour and pan fried so yummy.

    Sorry your feeling abit "heady" O hope it passes soon - have a good one mate

  13. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Ok, are we going to do the clothes thing together? What about some pics exchanged on Facebook! lol!

    I have just been in there digging some stuff out for eBay - the stuff I wouldn't want to wear anyway even if I was at goal weight!

    And the look on those kid's faces is 100%

  14. After 11 it's time for a drink!!! Its mad here too, WTF shops close for one day and you'd think there was a famine. Woolworths ran out of bread, I kid you not!!!!!!

  15. I brave the shops today too - couldn't believe how little perishable stuff there was - so many empty shelves!!!

    Glad you had a nice night - I wish I had the inclination to entertain, I loved it before the kids came along, now the best I do is a BBQ and even that is a rarity!

    Happy Easter - hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. LOL The look on Brylee and Griffin's faces... priceless!

  17. What cute kiddo's...and the low in points is always good! Hope you are feeling better...


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