Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's my turn to sleep in... yaaaa.
No shops are open again today.. *sigh*.. I soooo feel like going shopping!

I can't wait to find my new handbag! I have been SO good! NO EASTER EGGS, NO CHOCOLATE... I am FREAKING AWESOME... if I do say so myself!

You know how it feels... when you are in control of your food intake, when it makes you feel so happy that you are not overeating? Well.. take it from me.. it's GREAT! I had almost forgotten just how bloody good it felt.

I am not pissed off with myself at all.. I am not just going around in circles... over eating... feeling like crap... hating myself.... eating more... feeling like crap.....bla bla bla. OH YES... anyone with a food problem will know what I mean!

Today is going to be another good day... so I can't go shopping. ... so I will sew.... or go for a walk with the family... or something! Power of the POSITIVE.... tis a good thing.

It's a bit sickening really eh? For anyone out there feeling like crap.. I'm sorry! But I'm not feeling like crap, and it only took NOT eating chocolate to feel like this. THAT IS WEIRD. Fancy not eating chocolate to feel on top of the world!

I don't know what we will do today apart from spend time together as a family.... but that's fine. We are happy.

Best Laid Plans: I have spent the day lying on my lounge chair feeling like crap... headache and sore throat still. I am over it. But I still havn't had any chocolate! AWESOME.

It was cold last night, so I got Stew to light the fire... then it got too hot. lol

Dinner: Roast Chicken and roast potatoes with a lettuce salad. Followed by Tirumasu cooked by Lesley..... it was EXCEPTIONAL.

Stew, Mike, Lesley and Andreas... we all get on so well.

Nurofen... is great stuff! I am feeling quite a bit better.. my head still feels all foggy, but at least my throat has calmed down a bit. I'm sure it is viral.. ... so no point going to the Doctor. On a weekend it would cost $70, so yep... ain't goin'.

End of Day: well not the day I had thought we would have.. but it's been relaxing! nite nite.


  1. Good on you for not eating chocolate...that takes real focus and will power !! :-)

    I miss the shops not being open :-)

    Here the shops are open almost 24/7 on all but Christmas Day. It can get a little overwhelming after awhile.

  2. Nice to hear you feeling so positive again been a while :-)

  3. Oh no, you definitely DON'T want to read my newest post. Please don't scold me. I am proud of you for being so good. I on the other hand and not that strong. grrrr

  4. I have just been to Myer city for the second day in a row because my crazy arse MIL is here! And I saw all the easter eggs 50% off...and I...


    You've inspired me! Pity I don't need a new handbag! :P

    I'm clearing out the laundry and the dining room today...wish me luck!

  5. Good on you girl..more power too you...I am feeling like you today. Very happy that I have had no chocolate or anything I shouldnt have. I have walked for an hour this morning and plan on going for a bike ride later. We are woman hear us roar!~!! hugs Khris in Oz

  6. So know the feeling of feeling like crap felt good yesterday and crap again today....

  7. Congrats on taking control Chris. I wish I could say the same. I made a lasagne for dinner, ate a big piece of that, then finished it off with a I could kick myself.

    On the bright side, I didn't buy any Easter candy. None at all, not even for the at least that temptation isn't there...but of course they'd not be too happy...

    Hope you had a great Easter.

  8. Oh you poor tart. Nothing like a sore throat and headache to make you feel lousy. AND no shopping.

    But your positive frame of mind is inspiring. Feeling crook and STILL no chocolate. You are awesome, matey.

  9. A relaxing day's a good day! Well done on not eating any chocolate, isn't it amazing how making a simple choice like that can have you feeling on top of the world!

    Hate to break the bad news to you but if NZ is like Australia shops won't be open tomorrow either ... lol ... think of the money you'll save (and have to spend on Tuesday).

  10. WTG!! See if you hide REAL eggs you don't want to eat them all lol

  11. did good on not eating...but not me...I'm your blue paragraph up there...going round in circles and then just last night my hubby and I were both in the kitchen and we bumped into each other and he starts singing that stupid song..."I LIKE BIG BUTTS" under his breath and I hear "I CAN"T LIE..." seriously he never says anything rude and I know it's outta control...but that got me last night....back on the W.W. Diet for're awesome...great inspiration!


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