Sunday, April 05, 2009


I saw this totally cool Video on Raechelle's blog and had to post it too.... it only takes a few minutes to watch... and it's worth it I promise!

Normal 'transmissions' to follow!.....

Plans for today are to finally do the grocery shopping that has been 'put off' for too long... do some housework and just chill out!

That's it for now....


Grocery shopping is finally done...and look at what I found:

YUM! I often find myself looking for something sweet after dinner... so hopefully these will be nice! So low in points ...

It's lunchtime... we will be having chicken salad sandwiches... then heading out to a garden centre to look at palms... I would love to find a nikau palm or two for our garden...

We went to the Botanic Gardens, there was a palm sale on there... WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP... Sale my arse! There were retailers there who sold Palms alright... but they were not 'ON SALE'... pfffft.. daylight robbery more like!

The local Garden Centre were much cheaper.. so when I have a couple of hundred bucks to spare I will go there to get my new palms. CROSS about wasting time going to look at a 'SALE' that wasn't.

Came home and threw some washing in the machine and yelled at everyone... cos I can.

End of Day: I calmed down... I watched some telly, Stew cooked a lovley roast lamb dinner... and now... I'm going to bed! nite nite.


  1. What a cute video! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Chris!
    I loved the video! It's awesome! It made my day ! Now I'm going to bed with a smile on my face!:)

    Have a nice day!

  3. I know-I love it...could watch it over and over again! (and have!)

  4. That is awesome, even my 5 yr. old was watching. I guess I need to let her watch the Sound of Music.
    I hate the grocery store I avoid it as much as possible!

  5. Thanks for the smile today:-) Peter Loved it too!

  6. Hi My lovely friend!!

    Just wanted to say that ww have some new nice as ice creams and cheesecakes as well (if you are like me I love the ice cream).

    I love your dragon I have been looking for one like for about three years so if your sister in law doesnt mind telling you where she got it from I would love to know!!

    Hope you ar still doing ok with the tracking etc. You can do this my friend as I am there with you.

    Take care
    Ps, how id G getting on with his reading etc? Let me know I have some info about spelled if you want to know.


  7. MMmm that hello custard looks yummy!
    I loved the video too. It made me want to dance!

  8. Loved the video, oh and I bought some ginger kiss muffins and lemon cream muffin bars - WW ones at 1.5 points too, I am not a sweet eater as such, so that will be a treat, must get the custard, tell me what its like. ta..

  9. I do like their custard but wasn't keen on the puddings. Not sure if you can get the cheesecakes in NZ that Vic mentioned.

    the ice creams are yummy.... well most of them anyway...

  10. Don't waste money on an expensive palm!! We bought fairly small ones for our section and Jo's and they are enormous now. Auckland weather makes them grow fast so buy some smaller ones and keep the money in the bank. Oh and I have been buying those WW puds for ages. The choc custard is lovely made up and served over low fat ice cream.

  11. That video was really neat, thanks. Good luck with the palms later.

  12. Oh you lucky girl having a roast cooked for you!!!

    Those WW chocolate sponge puddings are very nice - I keep one in the pantry for a winter treat, haven't tried the others though.

  13. I loved the video and watched it 3 times. I'm going to have to put it on my blog...made me sooo happy.

  14. Great video ...made me smile .. great way to start the day :-)

    WW, over here, has a wide variety of products..

    I'm a little wary of the meals as they do have a lot of sodium in them. But I do like the Giant Chocolate Fudge Bars and the little tubs of icecream. :-)


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