Friday, April 17, 2009


Here is a selection of photos from yesterday....

Trees changing colour, it's Autumn (Fall)....

ABOVE AND BELOW: chooks on the side of the road, we stopped and gave them bread. Griffin ate some bread too.

ABOVE AND BELOW: the southern end of Waipu Cove, a very beautiful beach in Bream Bay.

The following four are of Langs Beach, which is near Waipu Cove, I love this beach:

The following one I took at Ruakaka... it's really exposed to the open sea... huge long beach, goes for miles and at it's far north end is Marsden Point, which has an oil refinery there.

So, there ya go. Who's sick of seeing beaches ??? lol

I promise we ain't going to any today.

In fact, not sure what we are doing..... might just be a 'hang around the house' sort of day.
I'm moving stuff... I want to bring the exercycle up from the garage and have it in the family room... so.... moving stuff. AND I moved a couch in the lounge and it's made a huge difference to the room! Will show ya soon....
So, I'm sitting in the lounge, yakking with a girlfreind who's dropped in for a visit... Teddy is on me lap... and I see a BLOODY FLEA on him! Ewwewwwwww.... I nab it and drown it pronto! Frontline is crap obviously! It's only been 1 month since I put Frontline on him.. it's supposed to last 2 months... pffffft. So, I've put more on Teddy and put him outside till it's dry. Now... I am itchy! (mind over matter I know)...
End of Day: I'm still bloody itchy! Just thinking about fleas gives me the creeps. Evil little buggers they are. nite nite.


  1. Your beach pictures are spectacular Chris! How is the snorkling there? I bet it's fantastic too.

  2. those pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love Waipu Cove - It is one of my fav places and I have some great memories from there.

  4. Not sick at all of seeing beaches!!! :-)

    Lovely photos!!

    Ahem !! 'chooks on the side of the road, we stopped and gave them bread. Griffin ate some too.'

    I gather that was the bread that Griffin ate...and not the chooks :-) :-)

  5. Man I would never ever get sick of the beach.... have a great weekend :-)

  6. I want more, more more! Your pictures are breathtaking, Chris!!!
    Golly gee I miss the beach. Please slop on some lotion, fry up your legs and then go jump some waves for me!!!!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I always enjoy looking at the ocean/beach.

  8. Beautiful photos Chris. Your life certainly isn't boring.

    Hows ww going? I stayed the same this week after pigging out on chocolate all day Sunday. But back on track Monday.

  9. Frontline did not work for me either. The only flea medication that has EVER worked on my dog is Revolution. (it is also for worms, mites, and heartworm..kind of an all-in-one medicine) that I buy at petsheddotcom :)

  10. What absolutely beautiful scenery!!!!!! The first rooster is so pretty...

  11. Frontline is crap. You have to use it every month for it to have ANY effect! You should get some CAPSTAR as it kills the fleas a few hours after you give it to the dog. I don't know if you have it over the ditch so here's the website.

    The only thing that works with Georgie is a Capstar once a week, a bath once a month followed by a dose of Advantage a few days after the bath. FLEAS SUCK!

  12. Very pretty scenery there and those chooks are magnificant especially the roosters.

  13. Well it's certainly not HIS fault he has a could have been on you and then jumped onto Teddy just as you saw it??!!! Have you tried fluffing some of that flea powder into your hair?? If you start to get the urge to drag your bum on the carpet...get yourself straight to the vet!!! wahahaaaaaa

  14. Your beaches are glorious. Could be in Australia!!!!

    The thought of fleas doesn't make me itch (even though I react in a very itchy way to bites) but the slightest mention of nits and head lice and I turn into a scratching fiend.

    whoops ...

    shouldn't have said that ...

    *scratch scratch scratch*!

  15. What Nola forgot to add is if you start to sniff Stew's bum get yourself to a vet too!


  16. Although it's Autumn, still looks inviting. Definitely not sick of seeing the beach. Hope you find something fun to do with the kids this weekend. Keep well.

  17. Such fabulous beach pictures! Much more interesting than mere sand - the rocks and trees are amazing!

  18. Love the beaches!


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