Thursday, April 16, 2009


You know my life is getting 'boring' when I post about changing the linen on my bed!

And just to prove it:

Yeeee Gads! It's not even Friggin BLUE! It matches the curtains if nothing else... and ummmm... I quite like it. Weirder things have happened.
I had to change the linen really, my blue duvet cover is starting to fall to pieces. *sigh*

Hmmmm.. what else can I blither on about today? We saw an interesting cloud yesterday, it looked like it was giving 'the finger', but by the time we stopped and I took a photo it looked like this:
Still interesting..... just not rude.

We are off on another jaunt today... I have convinced Stew to go South this time.. but we are not sure of the destination YET.... so anyway, we will pack the picnic and piss off.

See ya later.....OUTVOTED.... we are going NORTH again. Stew is right, we have done the 'south' and know it inside out... so north we go....

Home after a long day travelling.... I will post some photos tomorrow.. right now I need to get the family some dinner. It will be soup and toast... cos it's too late to cook anything!

99% of you have GRUBBY MINDS .. ... there is no way that cloud looks like anything rude! I swear!

End of Day: we did have another fantastic family day out.... nite nite.


  1. Love the bed, I'd take a pic of that too, looks stunning!

    I must have a filthy mind, cause a finger wasn't the first thing I thought that cloud looked like...

  2. Can't wait to see where you ended up on your jaunt South. Hope you had some good weather and a lvoely time

  3. I like the doona cover...I have one similar in a mint green. Guess what??!!....we have been discussing the fact that New Zealand will be our next holiday in a year or so!! So you had better hide Teddy!!

  4. that cloud is too funny.... if I should find my buddy reagans address I think you should go visit him he is somewhere in auckland...he and his wife are a HOOT and a half.

  5. Maybe it's not that you're bored enough to take a pic of changing the linen, maybe you just don't wash the sheets that often?? lol

    That cloud still looks rude, just more like a diddle/scrote lol

  6. I really love that bed! it's awsome!

    But you know what my first thought was on that cloud, and it wasn't a finger! Lol! Dirty mind, I know!

    Have a great day you lucky broad, while some of us are slaving here at their desks... sigh...


  7. Looks like the cloud has a really big erection.

  8. Nice linens, I like dressing up my bed as well.

    I must be the rude one - that cloud finger looks like something else to me!!!

  9. Hmmmm I see other things in that there cloud lol

  10. Nice bed...

    Hmmmm ... my mind must be a trifle grubby too, as I imagined it looked like something else as well :-)

    Found a potatoes once, that looked a bit like that :-)

  11. I like the new linens. That is something I need to find myself, but unlike you I am not to fond of shopping. Sounds like you had a very long and full day. You are really keeping those kids busy.

  12. Anonymous9:50 AM

    shock horror a linen purchase and not thru me will I get thru the day

    oh my god!!!!!



    for those that read the commnets and wonder what i am smoking these days.
    I am a loraine lea linen consultant and happy to help anyone with linen purchases.


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