Wednesday, April 15, 2009


DRIVE SHAFT: Stew took my car to a highly recommended Toyota Dealer Garage to get a quote to have it's faulty 'bit' fixed... they quoted us $1,200.
Stew said "FUCK THAT"... and then took it to a local garage for a second opinion... they quoted him $550! Hmmm... guess where my car is going today? IT AIN'T THE TOYOTA GARAGE!

Next: Griffin is a sheep, Teddy is a sheep... they are both getting shorn today. So, that's the TWO HEADS sorted.

While Teddy is getting shorn... we will go shopping in Remuera and Newmarket! I mean... we are SAVING so much money on my car eh? lol

Maybe I won't buy anything! Maybe I will.... *smiles*

We have house guests tonight.... putting up some friends of Stew's while they move house.... so I better sort dinner out before we go out too, don't suppose it better be more sausages!
MRS C: In American Dollars it would be about $1,700...

As I type: Teddy is at the groomers, the car is at the garage and we are chillin out at home after having a lovely lunch at Sylvia Park.. ... will be heading out again soon to pick up Teddy and have a wander around the Remuera shops.

ABOVE: our Teddy... all tidy again.... sitting between Stew and I on the way home.
Shopping.... well I didn't buy a thing! I must be tired... think I will put my feet up and relax for a while till I have to get dinner ready.
The best thing about today is that my car is all better now, and I can go on the road with it again. YAAAAA.
End of Day: it's been a lovely day.. we have had a neat evening too.... our visitors have been popping in and out sorting out their move.... poor buggers, I can remember how tiring it all is! nite nite.


  1. Have fun (not)shopping!

  2. LOL ...I always find that it's a good idea to shop around. :-)

    Nothing wrong with sausages for dinner...after all, you didn't feed them last night, did you? Good sausages might be a treat for them :-)

  3. If you have any more sausages this week you'll turn into a sausage!! LOL

    I was going to get the whole whanau shorn today but then thought it would cost me a bomb and it's not pay week, will have to do it next week!!

  4. I wish I could have shopped around when my hot water pipe broke. No one around here will give a quote over the phone. Crap!

  5. Wowww... I'm guessing $1200 is an outrageous price there just the same as here!

  6. I do like your thinking girl. If you are saving so much on the car, I am sure it frees it up for spending!



  7. I find dealerships always charge double,it just not right.

  8. That's a very tidy Teddy.

    Can't get over those quotes. It just goes to show you have to shop around. Some people must think we're dumb.

    So - are you getting a pool in the future?

  9. Just proves that it pays to shop around huh?

    Doesn't Teddy look gorgeous - I love that "freshly groomed" smell of my dogs, they might not like me sniffing them but I don't care ... lol

    Well done on not buying anything - you'll just have to shop more tomorrow ;-)

  10. Nothing bought! What is wrong with you? I live vicariously through your shopping trips! Have a great day!!

  11. I love Teddy! He's the cutest!

  12. Just caught up on your blog. The batik fabric - beautiful. The newly shorn Teddy, cute as a button. The puppy . . . adorable but nice to be able to send home, right?

    Those sausages looked devine, for sure!

  13. Anonymous3:00 AM

    I sooooooo love all the pictures you post of all your tiki tours! New Zealand is magical! I need bucket loads of money to fall out of the sky so my husband and I can take a trip down there someday! I don't know that I'd want to leave though... LOL!

    Good on ya (did I say that right?) for the abstention from Easter chocolates! I like your new handbag too. It looks like it's one of those you can stuff loads into and still be able to find stuff.

    Our middle daughter moves out of the dorms at her college and into an apartment on June 1... she'll be needing all her bedroom furniture which means that her room will be empty. I'm going to drag all my sewing stuff out of storage and set it all up in there and make a quilt!!! My mom is thrilled (she's given me some quilting material and has loads more she'll give me when I get started). I love all that you've done so far!

    Teddy looks adorable!

  14. Glad to hear you found better pricing on repairing your car. Sorry to hear you found nothing to buy! Sounds like a fun day.

  15. I love Teddy....that's all. I just wanted to say that he is the cutest dog and if I lived near you I would steal him:)

  16. That sucks about the car! Dealers always cost more though, coz they expect people to think they are cheaper. My ex husband is a mechanic, and they don't go through dealerships unless they have no choice.

    Teddy looks spunky!

  17. awww he looks so cute!

  18. What a cutie your Teddy is. Let's get him together with my Tootsie!

    Shopping around for the best price may be a pain, but it is well worth it. Just plain shopping is fun, too!

    Enjoy your friends!


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