Saturday, April 04, 2009


Ask anyone who knows me how I like my house/work areas and they will say "TIDY"... so yesterday I decided to buy some containers or boxes to fit inside my sewing desk drawers... to keep all the materials TIDY!

I went to three different places before I found JUST THE MOST PERFECT little boxes, that fit exactly into the drawers! I was wrapt I had held on till I found just the right ones!

ABOVE: See, all sorted and tidy.

And there is plenty of room for more material.. in several drawers in fact. BLISS....

It's another weekend.. no plans YET... but knowing me we will end up going somewhere! I do want to explore our new area thoroughly! Now... was there a shopping centre/mall we havn't been to yet???

Housework is done... decision made... we are heading out West... will check out any and all shops out there, then head to Bethell's Beach to visit Stew's Sister. It is a rugged beach... and I am hoping to find some driftwood....

Another gorgeous Auckland day trip! We had a look around Henderson Shopping centre, then headed out to Bethell's Beach...

ABOVE AND BELOW: some interesting little 'caves' on a slope beside the water.... Brylee and Griffin were happy to stand there till 'someone' (Stew) mentioned monsters who lived in caves... they moved pretty quick after that!

ABOVE: the Life Guard tower.. with a guard on the roof directing the boat.. they were doing practise runs in the surf.

ABOVE: I took quite a few photos before I got one I liked of the boat in the surf.

ABOVE: Griffin doing what he loves most... getting dirty and having fun.

ABOVE AND BELOW: we climbed up a sand dune ... top is the view of Bethell's beach looking south, and bottom is looking north. It is a rugged coast... wild seas... treacherous rips .... but still beautiful. It (the sea) doesn't look dangerous in the photos eh? But it is.

ABOVE: Griffin getting friendly with the Life Guards.. he was in knee deep water.... it was too rough for him to go any deeper in.

ABOVE: Wendy (Stew's sister) gave us this adorable wee Flamin Dragon ornament today... so cute! I am going to name her Beth. Cos I can.
End of Day: once again we have had a wonderful saturday.... out and about as a family ... checking out our new home surroundings. Love it. nite nite.


  1. Silverdale used to be cute little shopping place not sure what it is like now - have a great day :-)

  2. Those are a neat idea.

    I have something similar, in various sizes. They come in handy.

    Just out of curiosity, how much did they cost you? It'll help me decide if I want to bring mine back with me.

  3. Not only tidy, but sorted by color looks like! Impressive!

  4. Have a good weekend!

    Where did you get the boxes from?

  5. Hi - been following but not taking time to comment. Good luck on the WW journey - its just so bloody hard sometimes getting your head in the right space. Loving the organisation - I like order and boxes and tubs and labels too!!
    Enjoy your weekend Z xx

  6. *sigh* I love order. I'm totally following your lead this weekend!!!!

  7. What a perfect day. So glad that you are enjoying exploring your new home ... I was worried that you weren't going to settle in.

  8. What a magical little shopper you are! Those boxes are magnificent! Excellent Idea, and well done on sticking to your guns till you found them. Excellent!

    I love looking at the photos you take. The places you go are so lovely and interesting!

    And well done on the WW journey. Keep that positive feeling, even if you happen to have a negative week. When you are mentally ready, the trip is a hell of a lot easier.

    Good on ya girl! xx

  9. Those pictures are gorgeous. I am SO jealous. I would give my left arm to be there right now with my camera. You live in such a beautiful part of the world. Need a roommate? haha

  10. what a beautiful bunch of pictures! Glad you got your drawers organized!

  11. When we were kids and used to go to beaches in NZ, the caves were my fav bits. I used to imagine them being my houses. These pics bought a few memories back! :o)

  12. Everything is so beautiful there! Love the dragon, that's really cool!

  13. Great photos and I love that little dragon.

    I'm a sucker for dragons :-)

  14. I love your pictures, and the colored boxes are great! I think we all have a little OCD when it comes to organization. ;) It just makes life easier.

  15. I think I would like to explore those caves with my kids, but I'm fairly certain they would be too scare to go in.

  16. Love the little dragon. Lucky you still out at the beaches. It's still to cold here, to get out and about anywhere. Plus it has been raining cats and dogs and supposed to be like that most of the week. I'm at a lose as to why in the world I live here.


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