Monday, April 20, 2009


Some photos from yesterday's visit to Khady's home (SIL).... it's in the bush a few minutes from Bethell's Beach...

ABOVE AND BELOW: see, it really is in the sticks! NO FLUSHING TOILETS here! You can't even see her house from the road... there is so much vegetation. BUT, she does have a little lawn!
ABOVE: the vege patch... she has a big plastic drum full of worms and compost... and there is a little tap at the bottom of the drum which lets her drain the 'worm piddle' out... she puts it on her garden. NICE ONE!
She does the same thing with seaweed, puts it in a drum with water and waits for it to rot....
ABOVE: Poor Stew having to move some concrete blocks for his sister... SEEEEEEE! I'm not the only one who makes him work!

ABOVE: one of Khady's two cats... I call this one her "rat-cat".... cos it's butt ugly and the size of a rat! It was up there yowling at us. It did not like the kids much. I don't blame it!
Stew has to go back to work today... so it's just me and the kids.... for a while anyway. I think Kelly and her two kids are coming up for a couple of days today... not sure!
So....'s raining! It's not cold though, which is just lovely. I can't believe how warm it is here still.... I am in a t-shirt and no skivvy or jumper ... I would be freezing down in Palmerston North.
'm sending off a letter today.. you know, one in an envelope even! It's to the City Council ... I'm hoping to get excused from paying my car fines! Well, I can only try eh? We HAD just taken it to the Vehicle Testing Station for it's WOF 2 days before I got the tickets... and we WERE in the process of getting it fixed after all! Fingers Crossed.
Kelly, Leigh and Rena have arrived, so it's been a quiet day just spending time with them.
I've just made a big meatloaf for dinner.. Kelly helped and even got the pleasure of doing the dishes! heee heee.
End of Day: having a nice visit with Kelly & Co. Kelly dyed my hair tonight, so it's now much darker! nite nite.


  1. Love these pics... what a gorgeous place. Ok, the worm pee and no flushing toilets thing is probably a little too earthy for me, but it looks like a great place to get away from everyone!

  2. Butt cat is fugly as heck, you're right!

    That house is so awesome! I could ALMOST deal with the no toilet situation. Possibly. Who am I kidding, that would make me whine 24/7.

    Cool pics!

  3. Good luck usually the council will say unless you are driving your car to the garage to get fixed and can show them the bill for that day or driving it back to the place to get the warrant.... you are stuffed but then again you get a nice person and anything can happen :-).

  4. You wouldn't be freezing here, we've had another little mini blast of Summer.

    Love the photos:-)

  5. Will be keeping my fingers crossed that the CC excuses you !!!

    Great photos ... your S-I-L has a lovely house. Glorious garden !!

  6. What a pretty place!! AND yeah try and get out of them fines......fingers crossed!

  7. It looks like you had a nice visit! The garden is beautiful!

  8. I don't know... I must be weird... I think I would have had a great time there... well, guess I am weird :)

  9. good luck with the car fine thing. You can only hope, and if you can prove the car had been taken in and was booked in to be fixed, you shouldn't have a problem.

    and as for the fleas, phone the vet and ask their opinion. They may have an alternative product they recommend to Frontline. Good luck! xx

  10. Pretty house but I wouldn't want to live without flushing toilets!!

  11. Oh I just love these pictures it looks like the perfect get away! :D

  12. I'm interested to know how you get on with the car fines. I got one for no rego, so I wrote in and said "I do have a rego, I had popped it into the display window but didn't realise it had not in behind the old one, instead of infront, so could not be seen". I got a very standard reply back saying "it is illegal for a vehicle to not DISPLAY a current certificate of registration" so even though the flippen vehicle was registered, I got the fine for 'not displaying it' and they wouldn't let me off. (drat) Maybe Akl are a bit more understanding the Tga though.

  13. What a gorgeous place. I would love to live in the bush.

    Good luck with the fines. They are such a pita.

  14. Noooo ....all cats are BEAUTIFUL!

    Post a photo of your new hair color ....can't wait to see it!

  15. Come on by and pick up the award I left for you!

  16. What a nice home! Siamese are usually a one person kind of cat. Looks it you had a very busy weekend. Sorry to hear about you flea problem. Good luck clearing that up. Just the thought makes me itchy. Have fun with the kids.

  17. Check my blog, I have awarded you!

  18. I know the RDC give you a months grace and will let you off fines if you provide evidence that you have since rectified the problem.

    I think it's a bit mean of Council to use that as another ploy to rake up revenue.

    I think Rena is the most adorable wee thing. You must be such a proud nana.


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