Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last night Griffin was doing his normal shit... jumping all over the furniture, annoying the hell out of us... he simply CANNOT keep still EVER. So, I decided that instead of throttling him (it was tempting) I would put him on the exercycle ! (apparently Stew was thinking the EXACT same thing!)....

He thought it was neat.....

I made him pedal for 30 minutes non stop....

The sweat dripped off him like a tap.... then he was exhausted! YAAAA, mission accomplished. After that he sat still for a while, then off to bed he went.
I am going to use that tactic again... it rocked! And he enjoyed it...BONUS~!
Today is ANZAC Day here and Australia.. when we pause to commemorate those men and women lost in the wars while serving our country. Shops are shut till 1pm. So this morning we will just potter around the house.. wonderful! Just what I feel like, more housework.

This afternoon we will go to the mall, Griffin lost another tooth and he MUST spend his Tooth Fairy money....

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLEY*** hope you have a lovely day over there in Melbs.
The Mall was PACKED.... I had gone out specifically to get a 'Dog Door' for Teddy, so he can get in and out without me having to leave a door open all the time, which is not practicle in winter. Luckily we found one straight away.

Now all I have to do is get a glazier to come and install it. AND then teach Teddy how to use it. I hope he cotton's on quickly!
End of Day: I've been tempting Teddy with food to go through the door, while proping it up in the doorway.. cos it's not installed yet. He is already getting the right idea... yummy food sure helps! nite nite


  1. Ha! That's hilarious! I'm so glad he enjoyed it... that will be a wonderful way to tire him out :)

    have a lovely weekend!

  2. Hey Chris,

    I was only 8 pound 4 I think.
    Thank you for your wishes. You will be amazed how many people are born on the 24 I know of at least 15 others born on my birthday.

    Funny huh?

  3. 30 mins wow, thats a great scheme, you could give super nanny a run for her money!!! have a great weekend, spoil yourself!!!

  4. What a marvellous idea. Griffin face is a picture of concentration - 30 mins is not bad for a first time effort!


  5. haha... what a great idea with griffin! I do that some times, get cranky at the kids then realise, hang on they just need to burn some energy, so we go to the park and theyr run areound for a while and are happy little angels - for a while! ;)

    Happy Anzac day to you... I'm off to make the biscuits right now :)

  6. LOl! Nicole loves to ride on my exercycle too - but it doesn't usually wear her out, lol.
    Hope it works more than just that once!

  7. brilliant, you know kids used to play outside all day long and wear themselves out. We were allowed back in for lunch and to go to the bathroom but mostly mom sent us outside. kids need to MOVE!

  8. What a brilliant idea. And he is one good looking young man. Lots of broken hearts in his future!!

  9. What a beautiful Idea!! I wonder if I could find a mini one of those for Ben!

  10. Good luck with teaching Teddy!! I hope that he is a bit easier than my cats were... they were very picky about it, but now they run in and out like pros.

    at least your shops open at 1pm. They are shut here all day. Which is Ok cause its pissing down with rain (YAY!!), and very windy, so a good day to stay at home.

    Have a good weekend!

  11. What a brilliant idea to burn some of Griffin's energy! Sometimes I wish I had a treadmill for my dogs!

    Cool doggie door! I've never seen one like that before.

  12. By the sounds of it Griffin is going to become very fit indeed!!!

  13. When we moved into the new place we installed a cat door. It took a while for them to work out how to use it but now they come in and out all the time. I'm sure Teddy will work it out in no time. Food is always a good incentive!!

  14. Brilliant idea with the exercycle and Griffin! Wear the boy out! Who knows, he may become a champion cyclist if he keeps it up!

  15. Now if I could just convince myself that exercise equipment is "cool"!

  16. What a hilarious post with Griffin! Great use of the ol' energy. If only it were that easy for us grown folks...

  17. Our shops were packed today - they were all closed here yesterday, good thing I sent hubby out to do the grocery shopping instead of going myself.

    Good idea about Griffin - I guess 3 is too young to start that as an exhaustion tactic? lol

  18. That is so funny with your kid. Look at him sweating away. He's a cutie. Hysterical, though. I should set 30 of those up in my classroom! That doggie dorr will be such a great'll see.

  19. I need to keep this idea in mind for the future! Thanks!

  20. I ♥ that!...putting him on the exercycle...great idea! I also love the fact you all take some time to honor those who have fought for your country....

  21. Love the pics. Have a great weekend.


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