Saturday, March 07, 2009


Yeah, toys are OK... but...

What I want.............

What I REALLY, REALLY want..............

IS....... dat doggy's food!

YES !.. got some...ooops dropped it.....

And before she could savour the tastiness... Kelly took it outta her mouth... I'm sure considering the cost of that dog food it wouldn't have hurt her!

TODAY: dunno! It's wet... and humid as hell... so whatever we do it won't involve much movement! I will probably do more sewing... Stew will no doubt watch friggin rugby on the TV... and the kids will play QUIETLY... YEAH RIGHT!...

It turned into a nice day! We all went into town to Victoria Park Market.. it was a real let- down... but it had a neat kids playground across the road so Brylee and Griffin has a nice play.

Lunch at Sylvia Park then home... to do more sewing and some housework...

End of Day: a really nice day in all....
and here's to anyone who text's me... from now on I will not reply to Text's unless they are nice... same with phone calls.... mobile phones are evil little things! Thank God it's easy to turn them off... and I don't even have to answer the land line either.. it goes to message if I don't want to answer it! NEAT. Over and OUT. nite nite.


  1. Oh my she has grown so quickly! A going concern. Glad to hear you did get your visit with her. Sorry to that you didn't get to go to the party. Probably alot better for your sanity that you didn't. Hope the weather clears and you can get out a bit this weekend. All the best.

  2. haha. Too cute! I'm sure the dog's food wouldn't have done anything bad, but still prob. good to have stopped her before it did become a tastey treat.

  3. LOLOLOL my neighbor and his boy would eat dog food for fun... It would not hurt her but ... the thought is rather gross LMAO.

  4. Awh she's so cute!
    Hope y'all have a good weekend

  5. Awww so cute, Teddy was probably wishing she'd eat the lot! lol!

  6. Rena is gorgeous!! How cool that you are so close now that she can just pop up for a visit!!

  7. What a cutie !!! :-)

    One of mine used to love cat food...the wet kind. YUK !!!

    Victoria Market, is that the one in that old brick building, or is it another one??

  8. Cute photos! Better dog food and not dog poop.

  9. My daughter used to LOVE to eat the cat food. ICK.


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