Thursday, March 26, 2009


There ARE benefits with having to sew in the bloody garage!

Hee heee, I'm a clever Tart! ..... and I await your accolades... whenever you are ready...

UNTIL THEN..... I will piss off and do SOMETHING.... probably bloody housework.... OH and I shall go buy some more magnets... I ain't go enough! (AND YES, those are all chooky blocks I did yesterday)

Whooo hooo.... I got me first ACCOLADE... after a bit of 'prompting'

I am heading out to Manukau this morning... going to have a wander around the is EXERCISE... and because I was so busy sewing yesterday I have ummmm... run outta material! And so I might just GET SOME MORE!

And .. YES... I will remember to take the blocks off me car!

I've been sewing all day... I havn't even stopped for lunch... I took some crackers down to the garage with me... and of course I have the (ah hemmmm).. chocolate in the bottom drawer too... so I was 'set'.....

I've taken a 'pit stop' cos I have to go and get the kids soon... just as well really... otherwise I wouldn't stop till it was finished!

Obsessive compulsive? NO NEVER! I just like to be busy doing something I enjoy... and once I start something I like to get it finished asap... so I can move on to the next thing! I can't be the ONLY one like that!

End of Day: getting lots done on me Mum's small quilt.... the car has been a great help! Stew is home late tonight.... he's bringing home Kebabs from Remuera, there's a shop there that makes the most AWESOME kebabs, almost as good as the shop in Bulls makes em! Yum, I can't wait till he comes home. All good. Kids are almost in bed.. time to relax. nite nite.


  1. LOL Dare you to go out and drive around the block like that!


  3. What a clever Tart you are :-)

    It's all about thinking outside the square ...with a little bit of Kiwi woman inguenity thrown in :-)

  4. are one clever tart!!! Bit of lateral thinking goes a long way:)

  5. Cute chicken blocks. That would be something else to drive around with them on the car.

  6. Me is wondering whether you don't have a bit of the old obsessive compulsive disorder going on you crazy gal!!

    If only I could muster as much enthusiasm.

  7. Those blocks look good! I like the chickens in the middle. They look good even at a distance!
    A quilted car...hmm..Must be a New Zealand thing.. ;)

  8. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Chris, you're a bloody genius haha. Who else would think of that. Can't stop cracking up. Hey the chook fabric is gorgeous. Did you get that from Cushla's? I love it. Got to get me some. I love your blocks. You are really creative. Shame you weren't down here to go to symposium at Easter. I can't wait... hey, little secret.. I'm going out for dinner tonight for a second date!!! Sadly he goes back to UK in ten days but hey, a second date and no, he hasn't had sweets with his after dinner coffee!!! hhehe

  9. You should go into business Chris. Keeping your hands so busy definitely stops you eating.

    You are very clever. I don't have the craft gene.

  10. Must admit I had thoughts about you being obsessive as well LOL....

  11. Obssesive? Well maybe just a little. Talented though! Lovely to hear you sounding happy:-)

  12. Hi Chris

    Yes, we are a lot alike, that's why I really enjoy reading your blog. And you live in a lovely party of NZ. We traveled there when we got married last year (I have blogged about that, but you would have to troll to find it lol).

    Benefits to quilting in the garage are numerous - wall (car) to pin them on, quiet, who cares if it's raining, quiet, kids don't play out there, quiet... lol

    At least you have time and space. I love sewing but work full time, and no room to spread out. Very tragic...

    Keep up the good work - can't wait to see it finished! lol x

  13. lolllll! you are a funny tart chris! you have made me giggle after a long exhausting stressful day! thank you xxx

  14. Wow you are putting those squares together at lighting speed. The quilt is going to be so cute. The car picture was truly priceless. Yes you are smart! Too funny. Have a great day.

  15. Your blog has turned into a message board after your great posts. If I get a comment at all I am thrilled and you probably average 25 comments. Keep up the great blog and don't delete the comments unless an anon turns ugly. Then with the flick of your wrist... ost of the time the comments are anaon because the person doesn't know how to get their own blog just so they will have a name. Those non-computer literate folks may have something good to say once in a while. MUD

  16. Nice car! You should leave them when you drive out. That should be fun.


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