Sunday, March 29, 2009


ABOVE: our night sky last night. How cool is that?

ABOVE: This house was overlooking Omaha Bay... apparently it's one of the biggest homes in New Zealand! It sure looks awesome.

ABOVE: seems dead fish are interesting!

ABOVE: a home we saw in Omaha... Stew and I just loved it... it's combination of (almost) Spanish style, crisp clean lines and stone.... just neat!

ABOVE: From this side it looked more 'clinical'... but still nice.

ABOVE: the front gates... in sorry need of some love and attention... and it's imposing front doorway! LOVE IT.

We are always driving around admiring houses... DAY DREAMING....

Today is going to be a relax and do bugger-all day.... I might even have a 'nana nap' sometime during the day! BLISS.

ABOVE: my Mum's knee rug... getting there, I just have to do the outer borders now.

LIV: *waves*.. HI and thanks for the info in the house! We loved it soooo much! Trelise eh? Don't suppose she will ever want to sell it! Shame... but then.... I'd have to win LOTTO to afford it me thinks!

End of Day: been sewing... I'm full of holes... but... I finished my Mum's birthday quilt.... will show ya tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. That sunset is gorgeoaus!!'s funny how kids seem to be fascinated by dead things.

    The other night at Karate, a group of the kids were gathered around something on the floor. I was waondering what they were all intent on, so wandered over to take a look. It was a dead,dessicated moth !!!

    Sighhh..I like daydreaming about houses too... :-)

  2. I found you a new purse

  3. Beautiful NZ photos. And yeah, dead fish are interesting. :]

  4. what beautiful skies... kids crack me up thier curiosity is great... amazing homes looks like a fun tour! Got to love NAPS!

  5. Hi Chris, long time lurker here! We have a place in Omaha and the one that you and Stew admired with the rusty gate is owned by Trelise Cooper. Those gates might look like they need attention but in fact were imported all the way from Italy!
    Cheers, Liv

  6. Oh you too huh? I've been doing lots of day dreaming lately - winning lotto, giving up working, buying a dream house ... lol ... but then I have a dirty nappy to change and suddenly reality sets in.

    Love the sunset, and the blanket.

  7. that sunset is so pretty.

    that house---love it!
    looks like they need a coat of paint on that gate!

  8. I ♥ the houses...just beautiful! And that sky was just beautiful!

  9. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Well done with the quilt. That sunset is amazing!

  10. My wife and I would love to live in that big old house. My wife love it because it's big and I would love it because it's close to the beach.


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