Friday, March 13, 2009


This is Izzy, she was our Golden Retriever... when we moved to Auckland we gave her to my girlfreind Anne in Palmerston North, who lives on a farm and who also has a boy Golden Retriever (Toby).... as our section here is far too small for such a big dog.

Well. ... Izzy has been running away from home ... far too often, and Anne and Peter cannot keep her anymore. They are facing a few medical issues at the moment and cannot afford the stress Izzy is causing them, so they are reluctantly giving her up for adoption.

I totally understand why they need to do this, but it is so sad.... she is such a lovely girl... but so very naughty too. So, anyone out there want to adopt a beautiful Golden Retriever .... you MUST have a fully fenced section, love dogs and be prepared to have a few shoes mauled! She is 2 years old, is not speyed, is microchipped... etc. Send me an email and I can put you in touch with Anne. Izzy is in Palmerston North.


Kids to school

Check out a few gyms

Work on Brylee's quilt...... that's all for now.....

I have been out and checked out 3 gyms...

World Gym: was awful... didn't like the facilities or the 'feel' of the place, and no parking.

Contours: Was OK.... equipment was a bit old, great facilities, classes, good parking, on a whole it was OK... $22.95 a week.

Local Community Gym: Was nice, good equipment, good facilities, pool, great parking... $13 a week.

So, I do believe on Monday I will be joining the Local Comunity Gym! Why pay double and travel twice as far for the same thing eh?

I feel good about this decision too, and feel that being at a gym again will help motivate me to DO THE BLOODY EXERCISE! I need it... I am tired of not having the fitness or stamina I had 18 months ago.

On the Izzy front.. sounds like Anne might have something lined up! She is taking Izzy to meet the local vet and vet nurse, maybe they want her? OH I hope so.... cos Izzy is very dear to my heart. I love that girl.... I almost told Anne I would have her back, but after talking it over with Stew last night, our original reasons for adopting her out still stand. She would be miserable here on our tiny section....Izzy has a new home! A lovely couple from Napier drove over to Palmerston North today and met her... loved her and took her home!

Isn't that just neat? I am so relieved she is going to be OK, and Anne and Peter don't have to keep worrying about her wandering off anymore.

I've been a good girl this afternoon... I folded a shit load of washing... and put it away even! Stew will be pleased.

I havn't done dinner though.... think it will be fish 'n' chips!

End of Day: it's not often Stew totally floors me with his behaviour... but he did tonight. Will tell ya about it tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. Chris

    I am also going to inquire with responsilbe clients of the vet clinic who may know of someone who has the appropriate home, and put them in touch with Anne. I have some pics and I can make sure that the vets are certain that she will be going to a good home. Will keep you and Anne both updated.

  2. Thanks Chris:-) She only steals shoes now, doesn't seem to maul them.

  3. I just listed Izzy on TradeMe as well.

  4. Having had dogs all my life and Goldens at that, I can tell you the spayed ones stay close to home. Once they go into heat, no fence will keep them in. They will dig out. I know it's hard, especially if they are as beautiful as Izzy, and you would like to mate them, but it makes for a much calmer pet. I will say a prayer for Izzy and pray for an owner with patience, kindness and a fenced in yard.

  5. LOL - I feel like a stalker! Back again.

    Janine just phoned and both the vet where she works and the vet nurse want to meet Izzy. So I'm taking her down there soon.

  6. I would love to have her if I didnt have my Murphy, as Murphy is a really settled lab, never strays away, can leave the front door open ( no fences at front) and she just stays close by, I am sure you will find a loving home for her. It is a worry for Anne and you.

  7. Awwww, Izzy, you can come live with me .... in my dreams. I wish I had a farm, I'd have her in a second.

    You'll find a great home for her, I'm sure.

  8. A semi retired couple from Napier want her. They have oddles of grandkids, a fenced section live close to the beach. Driving over this afternoon - recently lost their 15year old retriever. I like the sound of them:-)

  9. Good for you for joining the gym. I need to get back there now that we have moved. In our old town I had a personal trainer. It was the best!! She wrote out the workouts and pushed me. The only way I can be motivated is if someone is there making me accountable. I'm a true slacker.

    BTW I would take your doggie in a heartbeat. What a sweet face.

  10. that's so hard. MY dog got given away twice too but the second place is perfect and they are keeping her for good.

  11. Oh I,m so glad Izzy found a good home,I would have been owrried about it as well.

    I think you made the right decision re the Gym, I just know a few peole who have done the Contours thing and they say after 6 mths it's boring.

  12. hope izzy finds a good mum cause she has had 2 really goodones.
    Hope anne is ok i havent seen or heard from her in ages so im a bit worried with what ive been reading have left a message on her blog hope she contacts me.
    you will enjoy the gym you loved it here remember we couldnt get you to leave it lol

  13. Holy hell - a few tears shed here! But a phone call just before from the new people and Izzy sounds fine!

    Toby looks very puzzled. Thanks Chris for understanding - I felt a bit lousy making that first phone call, but I do feel confident with these people. They phoned just before and Izzy was happy, eating dinner. I think they will be firm but also spoil her. What a day!

  14. Well, now I can't bloody wait to find out what Stew did!!

  15. Great news about Izzy. She's a really beautiful dog.

  16. That's such a shame :o( But it's true that she should be fixed. That will prevent the dramas.

  17. great izzy news... and hell isn't it tomorrow there yet!? I am sitting on needles for this flooring news!

  18. Local gym sounds great. Good luck with it.
    Hope Izzy finds a lovely home. ;-)

  19. oh, if only I lived in the same part of the world and you & that adorable Izzie!

    After we had to put Eddie to sleep in November....well, I've been wanting another dog....

  20. So glad that Izzy found a good home. It is so sad that good dogs need homes - even though I completely understand why her owners couldn't keep her. It makes me want to adopt all of the animals in the shelter!

  21. Glad your puppy found a new home!

  22. Izzy looks like a great dog...just beautiful and looks so loving....hope she goes to a nice home.

    I think your choice of gyms is a good one...I have to start doing something...I have gained everything back I lost at Weight Watchers and I am so sick of myself...

  23. Anonymous5:56 PM

    I hope Izzy finds a good hime.


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