Saturday, March 14, 2009


Last night I didn't want to cook, so asked Stew to pick up fish 'n' chips for dinner... which he did duly arrive home with....
and a large paper bag....
I asked him what was in the bag?

He reached into the bag and pulled out this box and plonked it down on the kitchen bench beside the chips.... and said
"MY DAD".... bloody hell, I was soooo put off me dinner!

And I have to sleep with that man! (Stew that is) *shaking me head*.. he's sick I tell ya... sick!!! lol

TODAY: dunno! Housework.... there's some serious stuff needing to be caught up on... dusting, windows, cobwebs! It just never ends...
We are off to a BBQ tonight too, so I better get some steaks out of the freezer and get them marinating....

We have done a bit of the housework, watched some telly... generally had a lazy morning...and it's raining ....

Preparing a salad etc for the BBQ tonight... it's not really BBQ weather but oh well, we are going anyway. The people we are seeing are kinda 'family'... her Dad is living with my Mum in Australia and we grew up together when we were kids! I havn't seen her in 8 years so it will be lovely to catch up!

So, I better pull finger and get moving... I will probably take an hour to decide what to wear!

Stew's Dad is now sitting on the sideboard in the lounge... and he can stay there... I am not having 'dinner' with him again....

End of Day: well we had a really lovely evening... fantastic company... so lovely to catch up with Lesley and her hubby after so many years! The kids had a ball with their Playstation and marbles of all things..... and Lesley's husband Andreas was thrilled to entertain them. Home now (11.30 pm) and ready to hit the hay. nite nite.


  1. You shouldn't have asked LOL!

  2. damn it man LOL on the dinner table... is that taking the LAST supper a bit far?
    oh dear me... Giggles!

  3. Enough to put you of your dinner! Have a lovely night at the BBQ:-)

  4. OMG Chirs, That made me laugh so much, but is it wrong to laugh? Nah it was funny Grin. I'm so please about Izzy, being an animal lover, it breaks my heart to give animals away. We had to recently too :(

  5. um, ewwww...

    good luck with the steaks and have fun at the bbq:)

  6. At first reading I thought you meant you had to sleep with Stew's Dad!!!!

    Do you get your fush and chups (hehe) in newspaper? How awesome! Just like the good old days.

    It's piddling down with rain here ... heaven! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. That is hilarious!!! Stew is very funny:)

  8. My Mum is in a lovely green urn with the Irish Blessing in gold lettering on it, when she came home from the funeral directors my Youngest brother put her on top of the TV cabinet, and said "well Mum you always wanted to be in the you're on the TV." I just havent been able to think about placing her anywhere yet, and sometimes I forget she's there. just yesterday my ex said to me it was about time she was laid to rest, bah shes fine were she is...

  9. I'd have still eaten the chips!

  10. I had to read that a couple times to realize what the crap was really in the to put him right there by your dinner...does Stew take him with him often to pick up dinner?

    I ♥ how you post in different colors about all things in your day...I really like it. So glad you had fun at your BBQ...come visit us in is definately BBQ weather...very beautiful although give us a few weeks and all you'll have to do is throw your meat on the sidewalk and it will be hot enough to grill with out the grill!!!!

  11. Pull finger, LOL.

    Around here, you never pull somebody's finger. Mwahahahaha.


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