Wednesday, March 04, 2009



- kids to school
- take Teddy to new groomer
- sewing

So, today I am taking Teddy into REMUERA... one of the most exclusive suburbs in Auckland, to be groomed by a lady who comes highly recommended to me... she's got her work cut out for her with our Teddy though! He's a mess, so it will be interesting to see how well she does with him.

I will take 'before' and 'after' photos.... LATER.
As he will be with her for about 2 hours it will give me time to pop into Newmarket to do some shopping.....or at least have a good look around!

All three watching TV before school.... it's called killing time....

SEE what I mean when I say he's a mess? I have tried trimming him myself but I can't get him to stay still.... he's a little shit.

When I took the kids to school today I put him in his crate in the family room.. on my return I could hear him half way down the road.. howling and yapping...GRRRRR! I gave him a good whack with a rolled up paper and threw him outside... poor neighbours don't want to hear that! We have a small dog next door that howls and yaps all day.. it drives me NUTS! MY dog is not going to do it too! Any advice on how to stop him from doing it????

SO... remember how he looked LAST time I got him groomed?.... let me refresh your memory:


I was determined he wasn't going to look like that ever again, and I am so glad I went across town to a very good groomer today, cos now he looks beautiful.

This is the front entrance to LUCY'S, dog groomer in Remuera... and this:

is our Teddy after his visit there.... adorable! Soft, fluffy, and happy...

and VERY VERY tired after a big day out! We had lunch with Stew at his work too..... so that was nice.

Shopping, well I ended up browsing the Remuera shops, very nice they are too! I only bought some funky fridge magnets today... everything else I fell in love with was too pricey... *sigh*... oh to be rolling in it eh? I could go mad there!

BACK to the sewing, and dinner, and getting the washing in, and vacuming.... and... and.....

End of Day: well I've had a great day, got everything done that was on me agenda. I did a small amount of sewing this afternoon before I decided "Ah stuff it, it can wait till tomorrow" and put me feet up and watched some mindless tv! nite nite.


  1. LOL I wish you'd take me out for a good grooming in an expensive suburb!!! Can't believe I'm jealous of a dog.

  2. I am sure Teddy will look as gorgeous as ever....

  3. if you popped me with a news paper i like to think i would stop LOL...
    Have you given thought to making quilts to sell?
    have a great day!

  4. Friends of ours have a small dog and they got in Barkbusters. Not cheap but it worked with a lifetime guarantee .... if the dog starts misbehaving again they will come back. It's more about training the owners!! Making sure that the dog knows where he is in the pack (at the bottom).

  5. hi there, I had a yappy toy poodle (still have her, but thankfully she doesn't yap now) but the only way to stop her turned out to be a collar that would transmit a high pitched noise when she barked. (humans can't hear it so its not annoying at all, but not pleasant for dogs). You can also get shock collars but Teddy is probably too small a breed to wear one as the dog clubs don't recommend they are used on dogs under about 4kg (or somewhere around that weight from memory).

  6. Teddy looks fantastic.....definatley worth the trip to that groomer. I would say that has to be one of the best grooms I have seen.

  7. Teddy looks so cute after his grooming - such a big difference to last time.

  8. Teddy might be yappy, but he sure is cute! He looks great with his new "do".

  9. Aaawwww doesn't he look beautiful now. They did a great job. That last photo of his grooming looks awful.

  10. Anonymous2:44 PM

    awww. Teddy looks much better! The new groomer is a winner :0)

  11. Aww Teddy looks so much better

  12. Teddy looks gorgeous:-)

    What breed is he? He does look a bit like daughter's pup which is Shitzu, Bichon and Maltese.

    The quilt will look beautiful.

  13. Oh Teddy looks so cuddly! I love his new look.

    I doubt our pup would sit still and let us trim her either. We have to hold her still just to clip her toenails. ;)

  14. That was funny, ha ha!!

    by the way, here I was complaining that it took me eight hours to drive to disneyland and here you are no where near it. Oh man. It is truly magical. Every single worker there is happy and you never run into anyone grumpy. That is nice for a change!

  15. Your little Teddy looks very cute. They did a great job. It's very heartwarming to hear a dog owner say they want to curb their dog's barking. In our neighborhood, there are days I've nearly gone nuts with people's dogs barking incessantly. The owners two doors down had these two little poodles that would bark for hours on end, they ended up putting collars on them that emitted citronella every time they barked. It was bliss when they stopped. Now if only the other neighbours would follow suit. Don't you love it how the washing, vacuuming, cleaning, cooking..........just goes on and on lol.. Sounds like you had a nice day anyway - it's always nice browsing inside stores where you don't normally go, even if they are on the pricey side. Thanks for your get well wishes.

  16. Teddy looks so much better this time around...

  17. Isnt he looking just gorgeous - well worth the trip! Z xx

  18. Thankfully the grooming went well. Poor baby obviously it is stressful to be pampered. Not sure how you stop the yapping.

    Hmmm to be rich, would make life a little easier for sure.

    Have fun.

  19. Teddy is looking lovely!

  20. Awwwww ... Teddy does look cute.

    I loved browsing around the Remuera shops, when I was living in Auckland. Browsing was about all I did as the prices were a bit too rich for me.

    Have you looked in any of the op shops near there? There used to be one that was very close to the main shopping area. All the rich people used to donate their stuff to it and you could get some very good bargains. :-)

  21. Re the barking..... we used an anti-barking collar that had the high pitched noise, on Sparky. It worked. I've also heard that the citronella one works as well.

    We also tried the one that gives a short shock. It gives two beeps as a warning before the shock. However I really did not like the idea of shocking him, so we changed to the other collar.

    We haven't used it for years. Usually a finger pointed at him and a quiet but firm 'No' or a 'Shtttt' sound, works..


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