Sunday, March 22, 2009


DRINK MORE! It sure helps the mood... it's lovely in the right quantities eh? lol

Some photos from yesterday:

Me and Rena, today is her actual 1st birthday ... it was Huston's 7th on friday.

One of the HUGE wood carvings on Tokoroa's main street..... my Dad was a 'bushman'... he lived and worked almost all his life in Tokoroa.... I love this carving. It must be at least 20 foot high! (Tokoroa is where my family members are buried)

I spied with me eagle eye a patchwork shop in Tirau too... so we stopped and Stew got me these 'fat quarters'.... I am thinking they will make lovely place mats.

TODAY: probably a quiet day at home, do some housework, watch me man mow lawns.... you know... the USUAL weekend stuff.


It certainly has been a quiet day... we went and got a few groceries.... I bought a bit more material... then home to muck around doing bugger all!

End of Day: one of those days where nothing spectacular happens... not boring.. just 'normal'... nite nite.


  1. Looking good! The placemats will go nicely on your table when they are finished also.

    COOL about your dad being a bushman. :]

  2. Glad you had nice bday celebrations.
    You don't need to apologize if you're grumpy (a few posts back). It's natural and happens to me to. What I keep asking myself is this....if something is bothering me so much as to affect my mood, why don't I change it? Ahhhh, the eternal question. Cause some these are dang hard to change and it takes a lot of time.
    Nice fabric there!

  3. Oh what a cutie photo of you and Rena! I like those fat quarters - those will be pretty finished into placemats

  4. Rena is just Gorgeous!

  5. I love that photo of you and Rena. What a cutie she is and I can't believe she is 1 already!!

    Glad to hear your celebrations went well and there were no dramas.

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate your words of wisdom.

    Have a great day.

  6. I agree, drink up!

  7. What a cutie is Rena! Almost makes you want to have another one, no? (Please, just shoot me!)

    Glad you enjoyed the day. Your shopping trip was a success. I love the colors for the placemats. (I love collecting flats from our local fabric store!)

    I'm going to google "Bushman".

  8. Normal days are great :)

  9. Rena is so cute:-) Has her nana's colouring as well!

  10. Anonymous8:57 PM

    What a lovely picture of you and Rena, it really is a nice pic of you. You always sound so busy doing housework stuff etc and that makes me feel so LAZY - I wish I had even half your energy! XXCathy

  11. It's nice to have a quiet day sometimes.

    (lovely photo!)

  12. Anonymous1:44 AM

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  13. A bushman....that sounds sooooo fascinating!

    Your March is full of birthdays like our March was....thank goodness for diet coke with all the birthday cake being consumed this has to balance out right?????


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