Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well...not long ago I was reading this gorgeous girl's blog, and she showed a photo of her new re-usable shopping bags... and I commented that they were JUST BEAUTIFUL.. well hell, they were BLUE! The one's we get here are green, I don't LIKE green!

You will never guess what that rather lovely girl did! She up and bought me some and posted them to me! All the way from America!!! How bloody cool was that? THANK YOU SO MUCH Lesley!
ABOVE: see? PRETTY. Oh ... and the card said : "Chris, enjoy your pretty blue bags, ya Tart!"...... ahhhh, LOVE IT! I. AM. A. TART.

Today I am going shopping.... for some material.... I am well and truly hooked on the darn patchwork. It's crafty... colourful.... purposeful... and a clean and tidy hobby! What more could ya ask for!

****DAUGHTER No# 3: "HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY!" Hope you have a lovely day.***

I bought ... chocolate.... so there! I am so in the mood for chocolate... been craving it for days...AND...

I also got this gorgeous material.... my Mum loves Chooks (slang for chickens)... and I can just imagine making a small knee rug for her birthday with it.

I'm thinking of cutting around each chook and then making a star block with the chooky in the middle! I will do it soon, as her birthday is in May......
So much for me vowing to only have one thing 'on the go' at a time! Best laid plans and all that eh?
ABOVE: Chooky star blocks...OK...OK... I couldn't wait!
ABOVE: the 'work station'... chocolate... bottom left drawer if ya ever visiting! ha ha ha!
I had to go and pick up Brylee from school an hour ago...she fell asleep during class... I think it's a delayed reaction to the bump on her head she got yesterday while playing on the school playground. She is ok, just tired and hot.... don't think she slept well last night.
I am gunna have to wake her up in a short time to go and get Griffin, that's a shame. No choice, I ain't leaving her home alone!
FROGGY: I left you a comment, I hope you get it 'cos it came back to me as "undeliverable"...
End of Day: another successful day done and dusted. I have only had a LITTLE chocolate. nite nite.


  1. Such a pretty blue! I have blue ones from my store but they're darker.

  2. They just came out with those! The recycled ones we use from Walmart are black, the first ones they came out with. yucky - I'm with you on the blue thing - its my favorite color!

  3. What a nice gesture!

  4. lol i bought 10 of them when they came out... mine are BLACK... then they came out with the bright blue ones .... I am happy you got some blue ones!!! they are great when you dont pack them so darn full that you cause back strain carrying them LOL

  5. Don't think they sell them here in Canada just yet. Although alot of grocery stores offer this type of bag.

    As for the migraine, it has probably more to do with working to much and not eating enough. I tend not to eat, cause I'm too busy serving and clearing making sure everyone else is eating.

    Have fun filling those bags. How nice to get surprises in the mail.

  6. I just love that funky fabric! And I really hate the blue Walmart bags---much prefer the black ones. LOL

  7. just love the chooks very qwirky (sp) hmm patchwork does that to ya chris i never have just one thing going at a time lol

  8. Hi. I read your blog now and then, and I gotta say, I love the patchwork you are doing. And your chook idea sounds wonderful! Keep up the great work!


  9. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Hi Chris, Is Brylee ok, If she got a bump on the head it might be a good idea to take her to the Doctor just to make sure.


  10. Poor Brylee! I hope she is feeling better and staying hydrated. LOVE your sewing room and chooky blocks LOL!

  11. what a lovely thing of Lesley to do. So much better. I really can't see you with green bags. Seems rather ......unnatural.

    Hope Brylee's ok. Might be delayed concussion.

  12. Hope Brylee is ok!!

    You inspired me to do something crafty today, so spent most of the afternoon looking at knitting patterns. Decision made - and then they only had about 3 colours in the wool needed - grrr!!

  13. That was so damn nice of Leslie!!! I love those chooks!!!! I have a chook calendar and I used to have real chooks at our old place and I named them after all my aunties:) Your quilting hobby is really taking birthday is in August:)p

  14. Awesome fabric, and way to score the bags!

  15. Just love the Chicken fabric. Hope Brylee is feeling ok. I see it has been another busy day Ms Crafty.

  16. Love the Rooster blocks!!

    Hmmmm ... I'll have to recheck my local Walmart and see if they have any of those blue bags. Last lot of reusable bags I got from there were black!

    I have some nice spiffy ones that I got from Trader Joe's though... your sewing machine in the stroller idea...we do that as well.Not the sewing machine though...usually the gas bottle for the BBQ, as where we fill it up is just a few blocks from us. Get some funny looks at times, we do.

    It also doubles as a dog stroller for oir smallest andoldest dog, he get a bit puffed out on some of our walks, poor thing..

  17. Now you've got me craving chocolate and I don't have any. Sniff sniff.

    I love the chicken material and the quilt squares you made with it. You're very crafty.

  18. I can't believe it took me this long to get my butt over her to comment!

    I'm so glad you got your bags!


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