Thursday, March 05, 2009


Who is like me and has a drawer (or two) in their kitchen where they just 'dump' things ? You know, those things that just don't have anywhere else to go, or those things that you are too lazy to put away in the right place???

I better not be the ONLY one!

Today's job is to sort out my TWO dump/junk drawers in the kitchen:

Starting with this little sucker... and moving on to :

This one! And... as I've found before when doing a bit of a tidy-up... I'm bound to end up tidying all the bloody kitchen drawers and cupboards! This is not a bad thing as I am going to a Tupperware party on Friday night and want to take all me broken lids etc for replacement..... so ONWARD....

AFTER I've done that I shall move on to more sewing.... it's such a long drawn out job is quilting.....

TWO bloody hours! That's how long those darn drawers took... but now it's done, so are 3 other cupboards, and the sink and bench have been scrubbed and polished too. Now I have to take all the odds 'n' ends from the drawers down to the garage.... and NO... I am NOT going to start re-organising the garage! Like hell! I will be there all day if I do that!

I am SAD... cos I felt cold today... it is raining and blowing a gale... AUTUMN (or for your buggers in USA etc: Fall) has arrived and it just means winter is around the corner... BOOO HOOOO. I am hoping that it doesn't get as cold here as it did in Palmerston North! I hate bieng cold... and I am not a nice person when I'm cold! I get GRUMPY... just ask Stew! lol

I've been sewing... getting along very well.... still got lots to do though. Time to go and get the kids from school....

End of Day: so quite boring the rest of it... dinner...TV... bed! nite nite.


  1. I don't have one of those drawers but ONLY because I have hardly any cupboard/drawer space as it is! No spare space to hide stuff. Tupperware - goodness me is has been years and years since I've been to one of those parties! (I don't want to either) hehe..

  2. i love some tupperware LOL i have so many bowels with out lids... OLD stuff at that... and YES i have several drawers ... and like oyu when I clean one i have to clean everything in the kitchen...
    HUGS and have fun!

  3. OH dear, I have 2 of those in the kitchen and one in my bedside table. The one in the kitchen is called the "junk drawer" and the one in my bedroom...well, it's just a night stand with crap in it. You've inspired me, I have to clean my drawers...ughh.

  4. EVERYONE has/had a drawer like that. ('Cept Lynda!). In fact a comedian (I think it might have been Jimoen) did a song entitled "3rd drawer down" which was exactly that. The first drawer has your knives and forks and spoons, the second drawer has measuring cups and baking things but the third drawer down always has all the odd bits of string, mismatched lids, broken utensils that you might find handy one day.......

  5. Yes - have a drawer like that. Also have a cupbaord we call the Tupperware cupboard where all the plastic bits and pieces end up getting thrown in!

  6. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Yeah, I have crap drawers, shelves & spots on the bench. Drives me mad. Good job on the sorting :0)

    It's bloody cold in Melb today too & it makes me grumpy also.

  7. Your drawers look neater than the ones I have...Boy do I have junk drawers....crap I have a junk room...that I call our OUTER DARKNESS ROOM...very few are allowed out there....way to are awesome! I'm the opposite...HEAT makes me UGLY!

  8. Anonymous6:17 PM

    that sounds cool.... yes 7pm, and of course (der?)

  9. Teddy looks adorable... Love the new sewing you are doing... Hope you are going well at WW...
    take care girl.. miss our yaks..

  10. Good for you organizing and trading those lids!!

  11. great blog! I've been here to long! you sound like a great lady with alot going on. Ohh I cant even go there about drawers--my husband yells at me at least once a day about it...I'm a closet hoarder and pig!

    quilting--i cant wait to get back to it--no time right now.

  12. I just spent last weekend doing tiding mine up. Most everyone I know has one too. You are not alone.

    Hmmmm cold eh! Probably feel balmy to me. I've been a cube of ice for the past 5 months. BRRRRRRRR.

    Keep warm and have a great day.

  13. Yeah. I have a couple of those drawers :-)

  14. Oh Chris, I feel your pain, I have 3 drawers like that! I can never find anything in them and it pisses me off, but not enough to clean them out yet! Ha! It's just me being lazy.

    Glad you got yours done, maybe it will inspire me...


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