Wednesday, March 18, 2009


- kids to school
- Post office to mail patchwork blocks to Australia
- Gym and have a swim too (edit, not gunna happen now)
- Papakura for more wadding for Brylee's quilt

Quite happy about today.. love having lots to do.... and I so can't wait to get back into regular exercise....

AND I want to finish Brylee's quilt asap... I want to start on one for my bed, and placemats for our table, and a runner, and ..... you get the drift! I have lots of things I want to do!

And next term (hopefully) I can start the painting course too!

I had ordered more dog food for Teddy (the friggin expensive stuff... IN BULK)... it arrived and I had to pick it up today... so as a consequence... I cannot afford to join the gym this week... so that is on hold till next week. Bugger. So, maybe I can get motivated enough to use the treadmill/exercycle sitting in our garage eh? *sigh*

JULES: re your comment on yesterday's post... I am kinda sad that I come across as bossy and grumpy... but you are probably right! My kids would certainly agree anyway. I must try hard to be nicer.....

ABOVE: all was not lost today... I did do some 'retail therapy' to console myself for not joining the gym this week... Stew has been wanting some little dishes for using in the microwave for a while now... I saw these today.. ON SALE... so got 4. They are soooo cute.... can you imagine cooking seperate little cottage pies or similar and dishing them up in their own little 'pot'? Awwwww.

I've been trying to cut almost ALL carbs from my diet... but this afternoon I felt like absolute crap....I don't think it's going to work! I have the shakes and feel ill..... where's a slice of bread?

LYNISE: thanks for that.... I will hang in there... even though I feel like crap... even feel like throwing up! Errrrrr....

End of Day: apart from feeling ill from not eating carbs.... a good day. I must be getting boring... I've hardly heard from anyone today.... sad. nite nite.


  1. Shopping always helps me feel better too...I am so impressed with ALL you accomplish...

    Dog food is sooooooooooo expensive, sorry about you having to wait to join the gym...

  2. I have good news and bad news, what do you want first?

    I'll give you the bad. Dropping the carbs will make you feel like crap as your system purges itself if them,,,,,, now for the GREAT news.

    Once they are out of your system your appetite will not be the same. Carbs crave carbs, so when they are not in your system you won't actually crave them, then you can concentrate on the business of eating other healthy stuff.

    I live off protein (mainly chicken) and salad. I eat all non carby vegies and most fruit (even though fruit has carbs in it through natural sugar, I cut out refined carbs, and still get unrefined through fruit, vegies).

    I also eat alot of seafood and some eggs (about 3 a week).

    Ocassionally I stuff up and indulge, and have to go through the '3 day detox' again. If I'm eating carbs I have the appetite of a horse, get rid of the carbs and I just can't get over the difference it has on my appetite. (when I'm eating carbs I feel like I constantly hungry, without them I'm absolutely fine with shakes and non carby food).

  3. I've gone low carb now for maybe 6 weeks!! Usually have a low carb protein bar either for lunch or brekkie. Like Lynise I have protein and low carb veges, eggs etc.

    I said I couldn't never go without white bread - but there you go - I can!! I feel great, try it Chris, give it a couple of days more. Even my digestive system is heaps better!

  4. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Hi Chris,

    Why are you willing to do something that makes you feel so ill, Just eat all your 5 food groups, fill up on vegies, fruit, wholegrain, protein etc. you know the routine.

    I disagree 100% with low carb dieting, if you eat unrefined carbs, you will not crave them.

    Don't do anything radical, your body won't like it, you may loose weight quickly, but I can assure you it will not stay off.

    Try the low GI food plan, one day at a time.

    Don't torture youself with shakes and no carb, dieting there is no need to suffer to loose weight, it isn't easy, but to loose weight successfully you need to not make it so hard.


  5. You boring??!!!....never!!!

  6. Hey Chris
    I hope you are feeling better today! I did medifast last year and for the first two days I was so sick, I had to stay in bed!! But once I got those carbs out, I had so much energy! I hope today is better!
    Wish I had your talent for the quilting. Can't wait to see your upcoming projects!!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  7. awwwwww love the cute little pots!!

  8. I do like the new dishware, the are cute. We by top of the line dog food for our pooch. It is supposed to help with maintaining, her teeth and coat. It certainly keeps the shop in business. Hope you get that gym membership next week.

    Sorry to hear you were not feeling well. It is hard on the body giving up something it is use to. Eating is always about moderation. I have been trying to cut back on wheats, potatoes, rice and all things white, I do however allow for them from time to time. I try and eat my food as natural is it is supposed to be. I also try not to purchase highly processed products manufactured by huge corporations.

    Read the label on a product it is food for thought. If the list of ingredients has a multitude of things in it that you can not pronounce, do you really think it is good for your or that it is something that you should be eating?

    It's a hassle to cook everything from scratch, but I find it to be theraputic and comforting. You probably already know that real foods such as veggies, fruits, meats, whole grains, nuts, etc fill you up and take more time to digest. There is nothing wrong with carbs just the right kind.

    Again it is all about moderation.
    You know your body best. Take care.

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