Monday, March 09, 2009


I worked on how the edges of Brylee's quilt will be last night, swapping this for that... fluffing around with the buttons etc... and now I am going to have to go and buy 360 friggin buttons cos I don't have enough of what I need ...

What else? Oh yes... some photos of the beaches we visited yesterday:

ABOVE AND BELOW: Clark's Beach... looking south and then north.

ABOVE AND BELOW: The next beach over, Waiau Pa... again looking south, then north....

Waiau Pa was a bit nicer and didn't smell bad.... but still not my cup of tea~!

This tree amused me, all the soil had fallen away under it's roots, but it was clinging on for dear life... quite amazing really. It almost looks like it's alive and has reached under and grabbed hold of the slope!

Alrighty, once I get the kids to school I'm off button hunting....

I got the buttons.. instead of trying to find 90 buttons all the same in 4 different colourways, I bought a whole shit load of different ones... and they look cool! Am rather happy about that.... and it cost WAY less doing it that way too. I could have ended up spending over $120 for the buttons.. but instead it cost $30... SCORE!

Now I am going to fish out an old headboard for Brylee's bed... we took the antique one's off and plan on painting them white, but in the meantime she can have one of the pale blue ones I made last year.


MIKE: trust you to be a smart little shit! I KNOW trees are ALIVE... in a 'plant type' way... I was meaning ALIVE in an ANIMAL type way ya dork! Oh and "HI" son!

End of Day: I spent about 2 hours today mucking around with the border of Brylee's quilt, then unpicked it all! Didn't look right.. so back to original plan... just plain white around the outside then. nite nite.


  1. that beach looks beautfull..

  2. Really beautiful posting!
    Fantastic picturs and pretty colours.

  3. Looks nice! We live about an hour and a half from San Francisco. We should try to go to the beach more this summer. I don't think we've ever went as a family.

  4. What do the beaches smell of? They look lovely. Is the water very cold? Chris, what is the time difference from you to me. I often read your blog and am amazed at what you have already achieved for the morning, because I forget the time zone difference.

  5. Love the beach photos ...I think I even recognise a couple of them. :-)

    I have this huge tin full of buttons, that I've collected during the 13 or so years I've lived here. A couple of our local thrift stores sell a big plastic bag full of assorted buttons for $1 or 50 cents, depending on the size of the bag. Then there are the buttons that go on sale at my local stores...

    Methinks I might have a button fetish :-)

  6. Oh the beaches are pretty. Glad they didn't smell too bad too.
    Hope all goes well with the shit load of buttons you bought! I wanna see pictures when you are done!

  7. Those photos are beautiful and wow so many buttons...

  8. Anonymous4:00 PM

    it almost looks like its alive? lol mum last time i checked trees were considered to be alive, u crack me up.

  9. Those tree roots look so cool. Good luck with all those buttons. I have ONE button still waiting to be sewn on a pair of pants. You'll probably have all yours done before I get that one button on. ;)

  10. I want to take the quilt and go to the beach!

  11. Sounds like the quilt is coming along quite well, that's a lot of buttons!

    I enjoyed your beach pictures. very pretty! That tree is really cool too.

  12. I love the pic of that tree.

  13. those beaches are gorgeous and I love the tree with the roots hanging on for dear life...I wish we were closer to a beach...that would be awesome.

    I am still in awe of your beautiful are so talented!


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