Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm happy, it's patchwork day... and I get to have some company for the morning... hopefully the girls will be in fine form and we all have a nice morning.

- kids to school
- Manukau for more material
- Patchwork class

Then home for some desperately needed housework... I am noticing that all the windows and windowsills need washing... frig I so don't feel like doing them... the only consolation is that it's a much smaller house than the last one! And only single level in most places!

Oh and I feel like shit... head feels like it's stuffed with cottonwool and me face aches, me throat ain't that great either...JOY. I do believe I have caught baby Rena's cold.... *sigh*...and Brylee sure did! She spent last night vomiting due to having a blocked nose and not feeling well. I don't do 'vomiting' kids that well... so it was up to Stew to deal with her. Ikkkkk.

HIPPYGAL: she ain't staying home! She's a lot better this morning... ya have to be dying to stay home!

In class today I saw another beautiful quilt in a book.. so now I have my next project lined up! But first.. I have to finish Brylee's.... that might take a while... imagine HAND sewing on 360 buttons would ya?

What else? It was a neat morning.... and now I'm home and all the housework I have been IGNORING is screaming out to be done, so that's what I am doing...

ANYONE fancy folding up this lot? NO? Bugger it .....

Might wash the floors first.... floors are done, kids are home, dog is in his bed under me computer desk...

He's not that impressed with me right now. I took the crate away, it just got in me face in the family room. I will have to find a less obtrusive place for it, so Teddy can be inside overnight without his crate cluttering up the family room.

Quiet time now till I have to sort out dinner....

End of Day: solved the dog problem.. he can sleep in the laundry at night, that way he's still inside where it's warm, but he's not got the run of the house and able to wreck havoc! Cool. Dinner was pork chops, salad and spuds.. yum yum. Nite nite.


  1. Ooh, hope you feel better soon!!

  2. The quilt is beautiful. I hope you know what an amazing job you did on it --and I hope she appreciates all the love and work that went into it.

    My grandma made blankets for my little sister. I still am amazed by all the work that went into them.

    Hope the cold doesn't make you too sick. Feel better!!

  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. Hope it passes quickly. BTW love the quilt, look great just the way it is. The beach pictures look devine. Winter is holding on tight here, still huge mountains of snow. Have fun at class.

  4. Happy patchworking!!!

    Hope you're feeling better and it doesn't turn out to be a cold....those things suck..

  5. Feel better soon. Screw washing the windows. Just draw the curtains. Am I brilliant or what?

  6. Sorry to hear about B being sick, hopefully a good day at home and she will back to herself tomorrow. Have a great day :-)

  7. So sorry you're not feeling well. Do you need to say some bad words?

    Love the quilt! You may have just found your best nitch!

    Feel better!

  8. There's lots of colds and viruses going around here at the moment. Hope you feel better soon. Just have to take it as easy as you can. In answer to your question you left on my blog - I've lived in Qld for nearly 20 years, and it still gets me that in regional areas there are no footpaths. Can make walking a bit tricky at times. There are footpaths in town of course, but none in the older areas around town. Thanks for clearing up the time difference. I'm like you, always get heaps done in the morning. I don't do housework/washing/ironing in the pm unless I've been working full time and I have no choice. Take care of yourself.

  9. Sorry to hear you & Brylee are not feeling well.

    Do you have RSI from sewing on all those buttons - hells bells!

  10. I'm not going to moan about my two baskets of washing anymore. Especially when it's just towels that need folded.

    I'm always amazed at your wonderful talent but also awe of your amazing patience. 360 buttons!!!! You're a legend.

  11. Hope the sniffles don't linger.

    Why does Teddy have a crate?

    Happy button sewing!!!

  12. Oh Dam looks like we all got baby renas cold, me feel like shit too all cloughed up and headachey,,SORRY MUM NOT NICE (rena still got it).

    Daughter #3

  13. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee can you email me some details on sizes etc to cut out those squares to make brylees quilt!!
    I have done a search and every cathedral quilt I come across is different than the one you have done!!!
    I like yours better..
    Can you help me out here!!

  14. Illness certainly isn't for wimps, is it? Here is hoping that your entire family is well soon!

    That quilt is looking fabulous!

  15. Ah the neverendum of housework. Hope Brylee is feeling better today and she had a better night sleep. Teddy looks so cute under your desk. I'm sure he will survive in the laundry room at night. Have a great day.


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