Thursday, March 19, 2009


I spent HOURS last night trying to stitch together the three layers of Brylee's quilt... with no luck. It kept on bunching up... or the machine did the stitch all wrong and I had to unpick it all... I ended up screaming with frustration and vowing to NEVER EVER try and do the 'quilting' bit myself again!

I am going to find someone who does professional quilting, with a proper quilting machine and get her to do it for me! Fuck ever trying to do it myself again.

And I also spent HOURS pinning it all together, so now I have two fingers that have about 200 holes poked in them...YES JULES, I am bloody CRABBY again. *sigh*.....

SEE??? SORE..... not happy Jan.

TODAY: as I still have the blasted cold, and HOT flushes that are annoying as hell.... I might just do NOTHING. I am really, really crabby. Thank god I don't have to go anywhere or do anything today. I am not going to be NICE today... so there. I am pissed off.

AND yes, I know doing low carb is not a good idea, but I don't give a shit... I am sick of watching my weight go up... I need it to come down... I hate being FAT! I am ugly FAT. I feel ugly. And I am allowed to feel ugly too... so there. Now go away and let me wallow in UGLINESS, CRABBINESS ETC.

ABOVE: Griffin's school shorts... his SECOND pair to be ruined in just a few months! So, he didn't show me them till 8am this morning.... no time to go and buy him any more, so he's wearing non-regulation shorts today. Grrrrrr....

I can't even put him in his school PE shorts, cos they were stolen a few weeks ago. I really didn't need ANYTHING else to piss me off today, I really didn't.

GUESS WHAT? I'm still feeling grumpy... but I've done all the housework and that's a good thing eh? In fact... I can almost feel the bad mood lifting....

I am sorry if you all don't like reading that I'm grumpy... but at least I'm honest! I ain't gunna lie and say what a lovely day it is (it's raining) or that I am on top of the world when I'm not! WE ALL HAVE DAYS LIKE THIS... most people just don't go spilling their guts to the whole world like me eh? Oh well....ONWARD...

NOLA: this "bitch from hell" has hurt NO ONE today... so far! Be thankful you don't live nearby. lol

I've just been to the Vet's... had to get more Prednisone for Teddy.... he's been going nuts gnawing himself AGAIN... poor little bugger. It's like having a kid with severe eczema...the vet is sure he will now have to be on medication for the rest of his life. The new (very expensive) food has made no difference.... WONDERFUL seeing as I only just bought a HUGE bag full of it.

End of Day: well I can highly recommend packing a shitty... you get lots of housework done! lol. All's good, I'm feeling lots better.... nite nite.


  1. LOL hmmmm not having a good day there Chris :-)

  2. Here via Slyde and saw your title on his sidebar and just HAD to come over!

    I sewed a cat house for the cat-that-is-not-mine but sleeps on the front porche anyway. It had all these pieces, with foam in between. And took for freaking ever to get the pieces pinned together. Everything was fine, until I had to sew the roof on to the sides, and it had a ruffle. My needles kept breaking. I mean like, four of them broke. And when I FINALLY got that sucker done, turned it all right side out, the freaking ruffle was on the INSIDE! The cat slept in it for a few weeks, until some OTHER cat came along and peed all over it. Then I just threw it away.

  3. Yowie!!! Yeah, if you can get it done professionally, go fer it!! :] It is still mostly your work, bet it will be gorgeous!!!

  4. Can I say pleased that I'm not around you today!!!

    Re - the low carbs, I still know it has helped me, but maybe you could first concentrate on one meal a day, then the next.... rather than a radical change. You know you don't want to gain and get bigger, you want to lose so maybe time to try something else.

  5. You need to go have a drink or 4. I heard Tequila has no carbs ;o)

  6. Ohhh....who's chucking a big girls knickers in a twist tanty then!!??
    Fark the low carbs I say!! If it is going to turn you into a witch like that go eat a bowl of farking pasta!!!!!!!
    There are other methods to get the weight off you know besides turning into the bitch from there!!! :)

  7. First I am going to say that you are a gorgeous person no matter what size you are but if you are not happy then lets fix what needs fixing.

    Erynn has recently found her bitch self and woah is she going to give her mum a run for her money!!!!!


  8. Chris, what was I thinking tagging you with a silly list thing...I should know better. I appreciate your comment, but even more so, I appreciate the honestly you always share in your blog. We are all entitled to have crappy days. I hope yours gets better. Remember, you are a lot of things, artistic, funny, talented, honest, and beautful, to name a few....

  9. Chris, even when you are having a crabby day, I still get a laugh out of your posts and the way you write. I love it!!!

    Hope your day gets better. If it makes you feel any better, I had a huge argument with my 12 year old daughter last night and she told me to go to hell!!! Charming. She did come to me a couple of hours later and apologized but she's still grounded. Hahaha revenge is sweet.

  10. Good on you for being honest about how you are feeling - you tried that whole "life is great" thing a few months ago instead of blogging about how crap you felt & it did not do you any good.

    We all have crap days/weeks/months.

  11. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Hey Chris, I agree on getting the quilt done by someone else. I still do and I've made a few. It's too hard on my brain and body. Little ones fine, I'll do them but you want to enjoy it. It will last a lifetime and so what, if it costs ... she'll pass it down to her children. You've made such a beautiful job.

  12. it's ok to do a low carb diet. Lean meats and fish, and vegetables. All natural food plenty of raw veggies and some healthy fats like olive oil, avacado and butter. You can even eat a small portion of berries, or strawberries and nuts. See I have just about talked my self into it. Protein powder helps too.

    sorry about the quilt. when I tried to do one I put it in a very large embroidery hoop and hand basted each section and it STILL crawled. I think doing the whole thing by hand is less stress. How about embroidery ties?

  13. Well you grump - did you get out of your foul mood!? Go on - smile:-) I do realise it's good to vent and be honest though!

  14. Some days we should really not even bother getting out of bed.

    Oh well, shit happens hope tomorrows better.

    I thought the food was doing the trick for Teddy. Great to find out now you've just forked out for the next lot. I think I would be a bit pst off myself.

  15. Hi ya Chris......waves to ya:)

    Shit happens eh! Don't apologise for having crappy days, we all have them LOL
    Re the prednisone for Teddy.....Tarsha has been on it for most of her 14yrs so no problems with it. Sure makes the itching less. We have managed to get down to 1/4 tablet a day now as she isn't outside as much now she is an older lady..LOL
    Buger about the food though. We found the same thing, it didn't make a difference.
    Hope the rest of the week gets better. I can understand how you feel though with all thos hic cups happening. Boys and shorts!!!!! LOL

  16. You crack me up!!! :) I wish we lived closer so we could bitch together!!

  17. I think if I were there I would offer you a nice tall glass diet coke on the rocks. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  18. I think a good shitty does all of us some good. Ouchies on your fingertips,it would at that point where I'd also say "F#@k itanf throw it away!!!

  19. Just wondering - how exactly did Griffin manage to do that to his shorts? I know boys are hard on clothes but . . . that just looks hard to do!

    Don't worry about being cranky! We love you just the wayyou are!

  20. Looks like you've had one rough day. Hope tomorrow will be better. You can be as grumpy, happy, crazy or whatever it is you like, after all it is your blog. OMG what a little brat, how did he manage to do that to his shorts! I'd be fuming too! Darn dog, but you know you love him. I bet tomorrow/today by the time you get this will be better. Take care.

  21. How in the world did those shorts/pants get runined that way??? How????

  22. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Hi there - I am a lurker, delurking to say hello! We have a westie and have had terrible trouble with his skin - it has all calmed down since we started giving him vitamins - Evening primrose oil to be precise - special ones for dogs, don't worry! Google something like "dog skin vitamins", see what you get. This is what we use...

    good luck! helx

  23. Awww sweetheart, I didn't mean my comment in any bad way at all. What I meant is that you have the kindest heart, something that most wouldn't pick up immediately from your "tough" exterior. I'm way grumpier than you and I am extremely bossy and outspoken, I think it's a good thing, definitely not a bad thing. Sorry if you took it the wrong way. I thought you would get it as we always call each other all sorts but know that it is meant light heartedly. ****hugs*****


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