Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I'm off to class again today... where I will finish the last 4 blocks and get advise on how to link them all together. I know what I want, just not sure on how to do it properly.

Before class I'm gunna pop over to Manukau to get some white material for the quilt and some quick retail therapy ... I am having WITHDRAWAL symptoms I'm sure! Hmmmm.... "what do I need?"

So.... TODAY:
- kids to school
- Manukau for material and 'therapy'
- Patchwork class
- housework (can't miss that little bit of fun in me day eh?)


Morning... was nice... didn't do any retail therapy afterall... ran outta time. Went to my class, it's held in a lovely old Historical building in Manurewa (part of South Auckland) which is just down the road from our home...

ABOVE: Nathan Homestead, where my class is held, it's really lovely. The patchwork class is held on the 1st floor, left hand side on the building.

The 'patchwork' girls... working, ordering lunch from Bronson the cute dude from the Cafe'..... we give him a hard time, tell him he can remove his shirt if he's hot... bla bla bla~!

Home now, time to catch up on some housework and blog reading!...

SLYDE: ya dork! I put the white patches over their faces to respect their privacy! It was that or ask all of them for their permission and then have to go into long details about 'blogs' and such.... of which I predict 99% of them know nothing about! The white patches were QUICKER.

End of Day: have had a nice day, got lots done on the quilt.. mostly planning and pinning! Got on the scales too... NO CHANGE from last week, what a relief... it wasn't a gain. nite nite.


  1. Have fun! Looking forward to pics!!

  2. Have fun in patch class and I hope the retail therapy does wonders!

  3. Enjoy your class today!! Can't wait to the quilt finished... its gonna look so pretty!!

  4. those people all look disfigured.. they have little white squares all over their faces...

  5. What a great place to have a class! Your ladies in the class sound like a fun bunch.

  6. Nice building. Laughing at Slydes comment and your response!!

  7. What a beautiful old house you have class in! That would make it fun for me even if the class was boring. Speaking of the class - they look like a lot of fun - teaching that poor man! Too fun!

  8. No gain is great news! Glad the class went well. The place you live in looks very nice and quaint. Have a fun time getting your quilt together.


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