Tuesday, March 24, 2009


- kids to school... then....

I WILL LET YA KNOW LATER..... I am so looking forward to it to!

So... 'we' went walking... it is a beautiful day out there.... we could see the ocean from here....
We walked OVER the motorway to Manurewa....
We went past this weird structure nestled amongst the trees.... ( I will find out what it is one day)...
Until we got to Nathan Homestead... where MY SEWING MACHINE AND I... went inside and made some more Bushfire Blocks to send to Australia!
ha ha ha... now wasn't that fun!
One of the ladies had this neat thing with a shit-load of block patterns on it.. so now I'm on the hunt for one myself!
Stew picked 'us' up after class and we went home so I could sign documents so we can 'fix' our mortgage for 5 years at the lowest interest rate possible. We have been waiting for weeks until the rates came down to their lowest .. but we see the rates are starting to rise so we thought....better do it today!
Poor Stew.... I sent him back to work with a "PISS OFF NODDY"... he thought he might get lucky! HA! He should have known better... stooopid man! I like it to be DARK outside..... it's a 'hang up' from my super fat days when I hated him seeing me naked!
So, he's gone back to work with a flea in his ear... and I can do some friggin housework now. OH JOY.
End of Day: *smiles*... I have enjoyed today. nite nite.


  1. Do you have someone to push you around in that?

  2. WHAT?

    I thought you had all that possibility removed, there.


  3. guessing here....

    Are you babysitting your grand daughter today??

    Have a great day:-)

  4. I know, I know ..... you're going to be a kiddie walker .....

  5. Taking teddy for a walk?! ;)

  6. Puzzled look and then an idea or two, will wait and see if I was right. LOL

    I can't believe that both your brothers were killed in the same type of accident. We had a friend killed in the same way just out of Nelson, she had a shit of a life and had just found happiness and gotten married and whammo, taken out on the way home from work.

    If I was you I'd be driving a truck.

  7. Teddy will LOVE riding in that!

  8. so what is going to happen later? Snow storm here

  9. Laughing at your sewing machines transportation!!!

  10. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Chris, I googled the book and sent you an email. You can buy it online.

  11. Okay this post makes me laugh...pushing your machine in the stroller like that...did you get any strange looks? Glad you had a pretty day! And then I laughed OUT LOUD sending your hubby off WITHOUT...hahahah...I'm an in the dark kinda girl too...

  12. Thank you for your comments on my blog. You are so right and your situation from a previous marriage sounds pretty close to my friend's. He's a pretty cold hearted guy and it's just a big mess. That's why I'm taking her in. She's a close friend of mine so I know her and trust her, but she had no where to go. So I'm glad to help the transition for all of them being that her kids are friends of our kids. :)

  13. The sewing machine huh? And there was me thinking that Teddy had a new form of transport for his walks! Lol.

    Can't believe how much your life is mirroring mine at the moment - we locked in our mortgage for another 5 years last night.

  14. LIke the "passenger" in that stroller! It had me worried for a bit!

  15. Interesting mode of transportation, but hey it works and you get some exercise.

    I can't believe your granddaughter is a year already. That passed very quickly. Glad to hear the trip turned out well considering the other circumstances of the visit.

    Good luck with the mortage. Poor Stew!

  16. looks like it was a beautiful day for a walk.. well done!

  17. taking Teddy for a walk? I would think it would be hard to put a leash on him with the cone on his punkin head...

    lol poor Stew! The other night Chris ( my hubby) woke me up raring to go, I was half asleep and in the morning seriously had to think if it was a dream or not!

  18. LOL you are a nut with the stroller!

    Poor guy, no nookie for him, hope you gave him some when it was dark ;O)


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