Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm living for the day... my dog doesn't have to wear this friggin cone on his head! He's had it on for 6 months now!

I'm living for the day.... These two play together nicely EVERY DAY!
I'm living for the day.... that the one who greets him at the door and gets the first kiss....

Is not the bloody dog! pfffffft.

- kids to school
- Stew to work

Me? ... hanging around the house waiting for the SKY TV man to arrive (which could be anytime) ... cos we are getting SKY installed on a 2nd TV, so HIM INDOORS can watch rugby all winter and I don't have to!

Stew is sports MAD.... I swear he would watch rugby/cricket all day long if he could. It drives me nuts (well hell, what doesn't?).... but I digress.... at least after today he can watch to his heart's content .... knowing he's not stopping me from watching something else. Yaaaa.

When I met Stew, he was the coach of an all-girls netball team, it was their annual Prizegiving evening and I had been dragged along by a girlfriend. It was the very first night I had gone out without my kids in 9 months! I was seperated from my 1st husband... and I met Stew that night.

The very first words I said to him were "Don't get interested, I'm a solo mother with 4 kids!".... ummmm... he got interested anyway. I reckon it was love at first sight for both of us.. ... or lust..... ha ha. He moved in with me 10 days later and has never left!

Nice story eh? I still remember that first night... it was magical.

So, I'm in a much better mood today.... I have a lot to be thankful for.... my life is in my hands, how I want it to be in relation to my weight is in my hands too. I have done it before, and I am sure once I finally get my head in the right place it will sort itself out.
I don't know why I have lost the plot for so long.... no idea at all. But I do know that I can and will sort it out.

HANG IN THERE WITH ME.... I may be a grumpy old tart.... but I'm a nice one!

MR CHOO: as only a woman can say: "WHATEVER"!

The SKY guy just rung.. he's coming this afternoon 'sometime'... and it took me a good 20 minutes to get our location across to him and to explain where I wanted the new decoder...he could HARDLY speak english! I get sooooo bloody mad when I have to deal with people in this country who can't speak our bloody language! WTF are companies doing hiring people who can't speak the language, yet have to deal with customers all day long? I don't want to come across as RACIST...cos I'm not... but this really pisses me off. This afternoon should be fun.

This morning I spoke to an Indian man, this afternoon the man who came to our house was from Iraq... and he could speak quite good english... so that was really good! His wife came with him... she hadn't been here long and couldn't speak much... but I did get that she was 15 weeks pregnant and really excited to be having a 'KIWI' baby! So cute.
I now have SKY TV in the family room.. and it's EXCELLENT! I can watch telly while I cook... love that!

End of Day: and... I'm not cooking dinner... it's takeaway night! LOL... this is after crowing about being able to watch telly while I cook.... YEAH RIGHT.... not tonight sunshine! nite nite.


  1. LOl at the gumpy nice tart!! I jus love your down to earthness, and really wish I had tgot to know you more before you left Palmy. Do you find that Teddy is worse in summer?
    There is a skin specialist for dogs from Wellington, who comes up to Auckland to do clinics.....not sure how expensive he would be though. I can get his name if you want.

  2. I'm glad to see you're in better spirits. I moved in May of '07 and although I wanted to move, and needed to move, it took a toll on me physically and emotionally. I gained a few and it's taken until now for me to start eating to live again. I love reading your blog, your pictures and how you put your talents to work!

  3. Nice and grumpy DONT go together....

    Oh and that playing together never lasts....:D

  4. Love your thoughts today Chris. Is that picture of the kids in your kitchen? I really like the colors, and the textures. Nice!

    Great story of how you and Stew met. It's neat to look back and see how things started isn't it?

  5. I'm new, why the Elizabethan collar for six months? I'm assuming it must be something more medically tragic than butt lickage?

  6. Hey you grumpy tart! Shall I get on my knees and start praying for you?

    I love hearing how you and Stew met. It's so cool. Only 10 days, huh? You tart!!!

    We used to have a collar like that for our hamster. Teddy is a real "cutie-patutie!"

    And yes, the day will come when the kids can go 24 hours without fighting. Don't know if I'll still be alive by then!

    Keep that gorgeous head of yours up and alert! Ya never know what adventure is just around the corner.

  7. That's a nice post!! I have been maudling lately, I have been wishing for the days when my boys were young again, dumb, I know, its just that time goes so fast, and suddenly your babies are grown men, hope Teddy improves and gets some relief soon. I dont think youre grumpy, just a tell-it-how-it-is kinda girl!

  8. Good to hear you sounding more bright and breezy:-) Love the story about you and Stew.

    Can relate to how you feel about the language barrier, happening more and more and really dificult when having to deal with phone calls like that.

  9. LOL! My husband moved in with me after we went out all weekend! By Tuesday he was all moved in, and 14 yrs later we are still together!

  10. I hear you re your installer. We have had to have the Foxtel guys out several times since we moved to fix various problems. They have all been Kiwis!! At least I can understand them (almost ..... only kidding!!!)

    But if I have to ring the bank for anything ... not pretty!

    And your story of meeting Stew is lovely.

    Have a great day and don't beat yourself up over the weight. Which, I know only too well, is easier said than done.

  11. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Good idea to get sky on the other tv. I am not a sports fanatic .. it would drive me nuts ... I'd have a boys lounge and my lounge haha!! Hey I talked to a friend who has got a few dogs and she said she had the same problem with one of hers... turned out dogs shouldn't have milk... she cut that out and he was fine! Not sure if Teddy drinks milk but thought I'd mention it.

  12. Tell me about the language thingy... I took Fletcher to plunket yesterday and the plunket nurse was spanish with VERY BAD ENGLISH. Heck I had to be the interpreter between her and Fletcher and even then I struggled to understand her.

  13. Grumpy - no, honest abd refreshing - yes.

  14. Ohhhh on the last language point... I SO AGREE!
    love the pic of stew and the dog kissing its too darn cute!

  15. oh my god the language thing drives me nuts!!!
    But so many of NZ business out-source their customer services to India and other parts of Asia. So you may well have been talking to someone in Bangkok.!!

    James had to put a map up at his work, cause they have so many people from overseas in their call centre that they didn't know where Dunedin was.

  16. Teddy looks so cute all furry :)

    GL on getting the kids not to fight.

  17. Good move - getting Sky on a second tv! It drives me nuts when Hubby gets into his "sports mode." I like the story of you meeting Stew - so romantic!

  18. Sounds like your are getting the nest ready for winter. My dog would never wear that stupid collar, it just about drove her nuts. Poor baby I hope you find something that works for him. I like your list about living for the day. Everything in due time! Have a great weekend enjoy your own tv time.

  19. I'm getting a laugh from your not being able to understand the repair guy, I had the same problem with the repairman for my internet. When he was telling me what to type in he was getting quite frustrated because I kept asking him to repeat please! He would say I as in India, guess where he was from! I finally after 1 1/2 hours on the phone with this guy just had my daycare parent fix the problem in 10 minutes!

  20. Your posts always make me smile!


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