Friday, March 06, 2009


The 'highlight' of me day will probably be me attending a Tupperware Party tonight... how sad is that?

I havn't been to one in a few years... in fact I hosted 2 down in Palmy a few years ago and got about 50 women to attend over two parties! It was awesome, I scored about $1100 worth of Tupperware for FREE!

Tonight my daughter Amanda is hosting a party... I am going to get a few things replaced that have cracked or broken... the stuff has a Lifetime Guarantee afterall!

And it will be nice to see if there's anything new in the range.. I am a SUCKER for Tupperware... just love the stuff!

Not much else is on today, I'm still sewing... getting to about half way on Brylee's quilt I reckon. I can't wait to see it starting to take shape. I think it's going to be beautiful.

ONWARD....Oh and it's pouring with rain... our grass is again GREEN and lush.. much to Stew's disappointment, means he has to start mowing the lawns again.

OH BUGGER IT ALL.... I just spent 30 minutes stitching 6 blocks together... all WRONG... and now I will have to spend the next 30 minutes unpicking it all.... FAR OUT I hate unpicking.

It has rained non-stop all day, yet it's still warm... so we have 100% humidity again.. it's a killer! You can't MOVE without breaking out in a sweat.

I'm trying to get ready to go to Amanda's... must remember me camera! I hope to see our baby granddaughter Rena tonight and all three of our daughters... THAT should be fun. Sarcastic? MUCH!

Know of anyone who sells Tupperware in Auckland? Cos I AIN'T GOING TO AMANDA'S NOW... My 3 daughters don't know how to get on with one another it would appear and I am not going down there to have to listen to their bitching.

Lacy and Kelly just had words it would appear... I am not going anywhere near them! Ugh I hate their crappy / petty issues affecting me... so I choose not to go near them.

End of Day: unexpectedly at home *sigh*... and Kelly and Rena came to visit instead of me seeing them in Hamilton. nite nite.


  1. Do you know what is really really awesome in the Tupperware line? The sippy cup lids that pop on to their regular coloured plastic tumblers. Problem is, four lids sell for like $8. Does Rana need a sippy?

    They are very good, speech therapists will tell you, because they get the child to drink properly with her tongue positioned right. (They are what you would call "free flow" cups.)

    Present idea. :]

  2. Tupperware - well I havent been to a party for over 20 years, thing is that stuff has a lifetime guarantee and it does last a lifetime too. I like it it's expensive but does last the distance. One of the best things I have is the marinating thingy, I use it all the time even. Mine is an terracotta colour I think the new ones are black. I still have the boys O shape toy.

  3. Tupperware has a guarantee? Did not know that.

    Good luck and have fun!

  4. I only have about three pieces of tupperware now. I would like more - I'd get rid of some rubbishy containers I have - but I just never could afford it in the old days. My tupperware dates back to 1973, a party I went to when I was just engaged!! When I went to parties in later years I only bought "token" things due to poverty.

  5. Tupperware brings back so many memories. All the different colors and each kid fighting over which color they were getting. But it's great and does last forever. Have fun. Can't wait to see Brylee's quilt.

  6. I love Tupperware as well,and also havn't been to a party for over 20 years. Bugger about thge quilts, it's at that point (unpicking) when I get the shits and give up!!

  7. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Unpicking .. its called reverse stitching! Can't wait to see what you've done Chris.

  8. Will you stop teasing us with the stories of rain?!! We have had a little bit over the past couple of days (which equalled the ENTIRE rainfall for all of Jan and Feb!) but desperately need more.

    Unpicking? I throw out and start again!

    Enjoy the tupperware shindig. It's good stuff.

  9. I have a gold charm bracelet, very sentimental as all my friends, my mum and my boys bought me charms, bit it catches on my clothes, the Pandora is not like that. Thanks for your birthday wishes.

  10. I don't own any tupperware. Does that make me a freak?

    The lawns are green and long, but not for too much longer. It's cooling down so hopefully they won't grow too fast.

  11. I haven't been to a Tuppaware party for years.

    In one of our local Malls, they have all these little stalls in the middle of big areas between the shops. I was a little amused, recently, to find that one of the stalls was occupied by someone selling Tuppaware. They had these 7 piece Heat & Serve sets that were quite nuice...a tad expensive at US$59 though..

  12. I love Tupperware too! I hope you have fun at the party.

    And I hope you have a great time seeing the girls. Fingers crossed...

  13. I still have a few pieces of Tupperware. I love the stuff, too!

    Auckland...have you ever heard about the New Zealander who was somewhere in the states and asked for a ticket to his home in Auckland? The ticket lady thought he said "Oakland" (California) with a NZ accent, and sold him a ticket there, with his last red cent! Poor guy! They put him on the news and it made the airline look silly, so I think they gave him a ticket to Auckland!

    Hang in there with the girls!

  14. oh i love tupperware! a shame you could not go to party. I think Tupperware have an 0800 number you can call and they will let you know the salepeople in your area.

  15. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Spoke to Brenda, you need to give broken tupperware to get a new replacement. Its a swap, broken for New free. Otherwise you are able to hand over the numbers, and you can buy the pieces if they are available in stock (lunchboxs) For all your other bits give me the numbers. (Swap)
    And Im going to send you a catalogue for YOUR ORDER since you bailed on my first party. You prob dont know enough people up there to have a party. Alrity.

  16. Hi Chris, I love tupperware too :) Sorry that you missed the party. Maybe it's a good excuse to have another one of your own? ;)

    Sorry to hear about the girls. I'm glad 2 came to visit. Families can be difficult can't they? *hugs to you*

  17. So I am not the only one who is addicted to tupperware? Good - what a relief!

    Sorry to hear that your evening out got canceled due to fighting women. At least you got visitors instead!

  18. I didn't even know they still have Tupperware parties. Then again, we've never even been invited to one.


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