Tuesday, March 17, 2009


After thinking about it all week, I am still undecided how to go about joining all three layers of Brylee's quilt... so am taking it to class today to get advice. I should have done it already! Derrrr.

After patchwork class I am popping down to the local gym and joining...I am quite excited about that... it means I can start going tomorrow! And the best thing is I can go swimming as well at the same facility... that's a bonus.

And because it is starting to be a bit cooler, I thought I would make myself a scarf for winter.....
ABOVE: one of these would be good, at least the 'headlights' are on full beam, not dip! (picture courtesy of another girl's blog!)....

ONWARD... I couldn't work on Brylee's quilt today as the wadding I wanted wasn't available until tomorrow so instead I made some more star blocks for the Bushfire Quilts in Australia:

ABOVE: these are the three I made today, and below are the ones donated by the other ladies in my patchwork class:

While I was at patchwork today Stew walked in... I was like "What are you doing here?"... seems he was just popping in to have a nosey.. and to see where I went on Tuesday mornings! So that was nice, the ladies got to say "Hello" and meet my hubby.

Home now, have decided to go to the gym tomorrow instead of today, I am kinda tired now after lugging my sewing machine and all me supplies up the stairs at patchwork class! AND it was stinking hot in that room... I almost melted! That's how hot it still is here in Auckland!

LYNDA: my stars are different cos I wanted them that way... not perfect but funky! I think they look awesome....and mine are like what was 'requested' and the other ones are how the ladies at the patchwork class decided to do theirs... not my choice.

End of Day: had a neat day... got heaps done.... nite nite.


  1. Just the thing to wear to a mammogram!


  2. Sooooooooooooooo glad I could help...because these are the BEST! There it is getting cooler and here it is getting warmer...so I can loan somebody my scarf...LOL

    Good luck with your quilt!

  3. Great scarf idea!
    So great to have a gym and pool in one - that would be so convienent!

    Hope you enjoyed your patchwork class and got some idea's for Brylee's quilt.


  4. HAHHAHA love them that made my day :-)

  5. Now why do your stars look different from the others? Some of your star bits are longer than others... is this a mistake? Sorry to criticise, you are doing a brilliant job!

  6. Hope the gym visit goes well tomorrow and you get a good feel for the place.

    Have heard from Izzy's adopted family, they love her!

  7. I likw your stars better.

    And when you find the pattern for those scarves I want a copy!! They has me in stitches.

  8. Thanks Chris - I'm glad you made yours different!

  9. love your stars chris they would make a yummy quilt and far more me than the others lol
    yes very humid still here in auckland have a good week

  10. Hi, I'm new to your blog - just wanted to say that I love it. Those scarves....!! Very funny. I hope you have a great time in the gym. I do water aerobics with my learner and its great. I am a long distance swimmer and love it - gives you lots of time to meditate!

  11. Interesting scarves! Enjoy the gym. Hope you get the stuff to finish of the quilt.

  12. i need a scarf like that!

  13. Don't know about those scarves!!! LOL.

    You are such a gem doing that for the bushfires. You really do have a giant sized heart in there don't you? Even if you do come across all bossy and grumpy, said with the utmost respect!!LOL.

    Oh, and do you still want the lavender or are you sussed??

  14. Love the colours in your stars, I actually prefer the odd bit in the stars, makes it easier on the eye, and more 'starlike' if that makes sense.

  15. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Holy cow! I'm so glad my wife was looking over my shoulder when I came upon your scarf photo. She already thinks I'm a dirty old man.

  16. The squares are beautiful and I just got the boob scarf in an email today from my MIL! too funny!

  17. I want one of those scarves!


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