Sunday, December 03, 2006


TODAY : go to picnic ! then get home and kill the kids, cos I just know what a state my house will be in by the time I get back! After that I will pop up to the hospital to visit me man....

Don't know what's wrong with Blogger, I can't change me font, colour, put up a photo or nothing! It says "error on page", anyone else got this problem ?? It is boring like this that's for sure!

Anyway, I better go and put on me face.... later...

Home again, had a lovely time in Wellington, met half a dozen lovely fellow blogges and got to share some stories etc. It was a nice break away from Palmerston North, next time hopefully they will come up to us! It was neat having Janene and Jorga for company, what a good idea that was.
Have visited me hubby and he's great, hoping to come home tomorrow, but it's still a "wait and see" scenario. Am now going to cook the horrors their dinner, go do the grocery shopping and finally, relax.

Look at this !!! Colour! I fixed the problem, I am so pleased with myself ! I deleted all temporary internet files and hey presto! Thank goodness for the help group ... later....
Left Steve stirring dinner while I did the grocery shopping.. he burnt it! I "presume" they all ate it while I was out, cos there's none left ! It rained while I was getting all the groceries in the car, bloody typical. Only spent $631 tonight, so I'm bound to have forgotten heaps. Tough shit, I'm knackered ! Having spent so much time sitting on me bum today my step total is not great, will try to add a few more on before I go to bed......
TODAY: STEPS: 7015, STAIRS: 10, no gym or aqua. WATER: 2 litres.

WEEKLY TOTALS: STEPS: 91,900 (76.58KMS), STAIRS: 60, GYM: 4 x'S, AQUA JOGGING: 1x. WOW, I walked THAT far this week!


  1. It was great meeting you today Chris - your before and after photos are AMAZING!!

  2. Hey
    oh yeah it was really nice to meet you today and great to see your before and after photos!!!!

  3. Hey Chris,

    Glad you had a good time away from Palmy! It was great meeting you. :D


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