Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Woke up this morning to no power, so sorry folks, no early morning blog. It was just the "normal" morning anyway : Kids to school (Griffin is great now!), then off to the gym for a walk with me gym buddies... we did 6.6kms in 1 hr exactly, so were rather pleased with ourselves. I followed that with a quick sauna and am now home contemplating my next move.

Stew, the darling, has folded all the washing (no mean feat) and put heaps of washing out to dry, so that's one less job for me. I will be going into town shortly to post my Mum's Xmas present (she's in Aussy), so apart from that the day is my own.

*** SHOCKING*** NEWS: I gained 2kgs in the last week !!! Stress/emotional eating is the problem.... must try to get over this knee jerk reaction to stress. I know all the answers to give other people, just can't seem to put it into practise for myself. SHIT SHIT SHIT

so..... will try harder eh? later....

... took Stew to Drs, his wound around tummy button is oozzing jukkky stuff....they cleaned it up and want to see him every day till it's 100% better. So that's good. Posted parcel, did a small grocery shop and bought coleslaw, sizzler sausages (1.5 points each), and fresh fruit... I am eating healthy again by hook or by crook! And I took me piddle pills and havn't stopped piddling every 30 minutes yet! So a lot of my weight gain will be water, yay. Did you know a good piddle can weigh as much as 500 gms ! Heeee hee ...

Tonight: dog training, Izzy has to show she has learnt all the basic commands "sit", "stay", "drop", and "come"..... yeah right! Come is the hard one, if she's distracted or playing with another dog I've got a shit show of getting her to come! Well, we will see... later...

8 pm : How's this then ! Izzy did everything right,she was so good ! I was so proud of her, of course she should have gotten 1st but we love the colour blue the best! The puppy that got first was a terrier and they are much harder to train, so that's why he came 1st. I understand, really I do! This is the first ribbon I have ever got with a dog, so it's special.

I have kept to my points all day, no slips whatsoever, so I'm really happy with myself. Am also doing good on steps, but not stairs, so am going to make an effort during the evening to do some. Later...
Today: STEPS: 15580 (12.98KMS), STAIRS: 10 x's, GYM: Yes, WALK : yes, WATER: 1 Litre


  1. In your case can understand the stress eating!! Here's hoping for a better week for you all:)

  2. Congrats on your ribbon! Blue is always first anyway LoL What colour did they give first?


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