Friday, December 15, 2006


Today: Kids to school, back to bed!? I have woken up with a horrible fuzzy head and still got awful tummy ache, so once I've gotten the kids to school I might just go back to bed.... how naughty is that?

I suppose I could do the housework, wrap the presents, strip some wallpaper, mow the lawn, etc etc...... we will see, later...

I'm lucky I suppose, walked to school and by the time I got home the panadol had kicked in.... so woke Mike up (threatened to throw water on him if he didn't get up) and the two of us got through the housework in no time! I even got him to plant a fushia tree in the garden! Poor boy, he was working on auto-pilot, still asleep really, ha ha ha.

Then... Stew arrived home much much earlier than I expected, so we are going into town to pay some bills and have lunch... what ya bet I ain't good food wise? Bit dicey going anywhere at the mo, but what the hell, I'm going...

Had the nicest lunch, and I was good! Why was I good? We had lunch at my Weight Watcher Leader's Coffee Shop! And she sat with us , so I couldn't be BAD could I? lol
We have to go to Wellington tomorrow morning to pick up car parts, so won't be a WW tomorrow, I shall miss it ! I love the meetings, cos I can catch up with all me mates..... sad woman I am. later...

Got to lie in the sun for a wee while this afternoon, lovely.
TODAY: STEPS: 8838, STAIRS: 12, WATER: 2 litres, POINTS: 22, no gym or aqua.


  1. Not good feeling like that - curl up with a book and have a break -work will wait for you!

  2. hehe got mine too, but nothing like yours by the sound of things. Take it easy for a few days, the gym and housework can both wait a few days :)

  3. Sounds good to me - I hope that was the last you saw of the tummy and fuzzy head.


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