Thursday, December 21, 2006


SO, starting today I have to try and get a teenager outta bed every morning to watch the littlies for me, or I will not be getting to the gym till 3pm!! Mike has promised he will do it this morning, cos my gym buddy and I are both doing the vibe machine then going for a walk this morning.

I can sure tell I did something yesterday on that machine, my triceps are sore! So are my calves and thighs. This is all good! It must work those muscles differently, because I already do exercises with free weights etc on those muscle groups, and they don't usually ache afterwards.

I've also decided to go for a walk every evening to avoid the dreaded boredom/eating cycle going on, oh yes, and when Stew goes upstairs to the rumpus room to do his exercise, I'm going up too, so I don't sneak food while he's up there and can't see me !!!

WE all do things like that .... don't we

??? later... So, here is the wonder machine..... doesn't look like much eh? But it is so cool to use, you either stand,squat, lie with legs on it, put arms on the plate, etc etc and it vibrates the s**t outta you! One that feels really "kinky" is when you lie on your front with just your thighs on it, and it vibrates your thighs and "lower" regions.... feels really NICE !! hee hee.
I've been riding Lisa's scooter to and from the gym the past 2 days, it's only costing about $5 a week to run compared to $70 for my car.... not rocket science to figure out the savings ! And we all need to watch the $$$'s this time of year.
Hmmm, lunchtime, wonder what I shall have? later...

7.30 pm - First full day with Brylee and Griffin home for the holidays, and I ain't really felt like killing them (yet). And once Santa has been they shall be so busy playing on their bikes and new toys they will forget to drive me crazy, yaa hoo. Roll on the 25th is all I can say.

TODAY: STEPS: 8860, GYM: yes, VIBE: yes, WATER: 1.5 litres, POINTS: 23.... Not too bad a day.


  1. Yes we do do things like that......hahaha.

    Have a great Xmas and New Year.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas xx


    merry christmas to you too!!!

  4. So easy to eat through boredom - good idea to go walking instead!! That machine doesn't look too scary!


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