Thursday, December 07, 2006


TODAY: kids to school, go to gym for walk with buddies, check out new power plate machine and hopefully book my first turn ? That's if it's arrived, today is supposed to be the day.

Not much else planned, got family arriving from various parts of the world for my nephew's 21st here on Saturday night, nephew lives is Feilding. His Dad is coming from Indonesia, his sister from Australia and various family from around New Zealand, so am expecting a neat day Saturday! So I suppose I shall have to mow those bloody lawns again !

NOPE, the machine is "held up in transit" and isn't arriving now till sometime next week - DOH ! I was so looking forward to trying it too.
Oh well, had a fantastic walk this morning, 7kms and 1hr5mins, not bad !
Might go into town for lunch with Stew....? later...

So we had lunch in town, made another bloody stupid choice (won't go there), bought more soda stream flavours, picked up kids from school etc. Steve is right now (!#!#*!) mowing the lawns... oh my god, miracles do happen. I think we are having my two nieces and two littlies staying here tonight? Havn't done anything like make up beds yet, might get them to do it.. ha ha

Mike's face is ok, giving him some pain, but not too bad. He's got about 5 stitches which will have to come out next monday...Stew's tummy is doing great, slowly getting better. later...

Had roast beef and veges for dinner, the meat was like rubber! Still edible tho, so we ate it. Not much else happening, am going to watch Criminal Minds (LOVE it) while cycling.... right now!

Today, STEPS: 20539 (19.33 kms), STAIRS: 8 X's, WALK: yes

WATER: 2 litres. Check out those steps! nite nite


  1. Hi Chris - we won't be going to Whitianga when you will be there - we are going on the 16th for an early Christmas. Stu's family always have the party the week before. We will be at Rotorua after Christmas. I bet you'll have a great time there though!

  2. Man that cyst was just busting to get out of Steve's cheek! Your surgeon must be a crack up to let you guys in the room when he's doing his magic.

    Buggar about the power plate :(

  3. Shame about the machine, quite interested in seeing how it works.

    May see you tomorrow, I went this morning so won't be going tonight.

  4. How aren't your legs burning with all of those steps!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Thanks for the messages Chris. I am Ok. You must be so relieved about Mike. That would have been scarey. Good to hear Stew is getting better and doing the lawns. Sounds like great family times coming up. Enjoy the weekend.


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