Sunday, December 17, 2006


I'm still in bed, it's raining, what else can one do on a wet sunday! Today: get outta bed eventually, go do the grocery shopping, finish the housework and .......??
I didn't get around to touching up the paint in the hallways so I shall probably do that today, and maybe even go for a long walk, seeing as it's raining and all.
Tomorrow "it" is supposed to be up and going at the gym, but I'm not getting excited anymore, Murphy's Law and all that, just my luck it won't happen... feeling a bit down I am, sick of my weight staying the same week after week, sick of knowing why (I'm a pig), just want to forget about it.
Thanks for the comment Anne, I wish I could just forget about the weight, but it is the first thing I think of every day, and it is on my mind all day constantly.... I am obsessed with it!!! I am so scared of putting all the weight back on, and because I have put some on already, I am soooo petrified I won't be able to turn myself around... its almost like I am doing it deliberately! Maybe I am so used to being fat I can't accept myself any other way? I don't know whats what in my head at the moment. I know what I should be doing, I KNOW I don't want to get so overweight ever again, but .... I am struggling.

On a happier note, Stew and I are off to his work "Xmas Do" this afternoon, a BBQ out at Waitarere Beach, on the west Kapiti Coast, it should be a lovely dinner, the "COOK" is one of Stew's workmates, who is a fantastic chef. I am taking my Bacardi and .... Diet Coke! Oh man, this will be the second time since I stopped drinking it every day that I'm going to have some.... I can't wait! I still JUST LOVE THE STUFF.... Later....

Dinner was.... fantastic! I arrived and within about an hour was quite pleasantly pissed!!!! First time in a whole year I had enough alcohol to be tiddly, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The food was amazing, the company was lovely, and the setting.... what can I say? A gorgeous house right on the beach, sand dunes in front, beach for miles. The owners are golfers and practice from their deck into the dunes, so Stew gave it a go.... how cool is that? After dinner we went for a walk along the beach, what bliss. I am now home and quite sober, feel great! Can't wait for our holidays, we are going up to Whitianga on the Coromandel Penninsula for two weeks, staying at my Mum's beach house. It is where Stew and I met over 20 years ago when we both lived there, so it is our special place.

TODAY: STEPS: 8109, STAIRS: 9, WATER: 1 litre (does alcohol count?), POINTS: ummmm didn't count. hee he
Total STEPS for the week : 75,827 and I know I could have done much much better.


  1. Maybe just stop worrying about your weight - get Christmas and holidays over and then get stuck in.

    At least you tried the sushi - I could live on it!

  2. WOW.. what an achievement you have made!! Thanks for popping past my blog.
    You have done so much hard work and I understnad how frustrating it can now be.
    I carried a few extra kilos over winter..
    I am not going to let it happen next year!
    Take care

  3. Maybe in the new year it's time to look at new ways of losing weight and keeping it off etc. Sometimes we need a shake up in life. I know body for life works and works well. And since it incorporates free days you are never deprived. You may find something else that suits you better who knows. But I thought I would throw it out there.

    BTW I am also part of a weight loss forums that's really supportive and you can join us if you like at Lots of different people on different weight loss plans and just trying to lead a healthy lifestyle etc.

    We all also know it doesn't always go to plan.


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