Monday, December 18, 2006


Might have a hangover today, first one in nearly 7 years ! Hope it doesn't affect how I go at the gym today, cos I hope to finally get a go on the Power Plate machine today.

TODAY: take my car into garage for new shock absorbers, drop Stew at work (so I can use his car), kids to school then gym. And then I suppose I better do some darn housework, such a thankless task, and the minute its done you have to start again...I guess in one respect I'm lucky, Steve and Lisa don't ever bring down washing to be done, they just recycle their clothes from the floor !!

"It" was there...
It was going...
I had my turn....
Dont ever ever do it while ya got a hangover!!!

All the alcohol left in my system got shaken and stirred... very well thank you. lol
As for how if felt, weird, made my arms ache, felt fantastic on my calves, thighs etc. Felt like my eyes would pop out, my teeth rattled, felt so weird, my head did not appreciate the vibrations AT ALL. Am going to have another go tomorrow, without the hangover.

Am going back at 12 for aqua jogging as well, so by the end of the day I will have done all my gym workouts and aqua jogging. I'm feeling much more positive today, I've decided that 007 is going to be the year I lose the kilos I've put on, and maintain - maintain - maintain. I know I can do this, and I bloody well will. Watch this space!

Far out, the water was friggin cold at aqua jogging today! But we hardy kiwis jumped in anyway and did our thing! Since then I have done bugger all, picked up kids from school, cooked dinner... that's about it! My nephew put a new radio/cd player in me car this afternoon.... YAAAAAA, now I can listen to something besides the national radio (sucks) and the Maori channel (DOH, I don't speak maori).... later...

TODAY: STEPS: 12973, GYM: yes, AQUA: yes, VIBE: yes!, WATER: 1.5 litres.


  1. Spoke to my sister-in-law yesterday about the power plate machine - heaps of positive comments and she thought it was the best thing ever for her! Will fill you in next time I see you..

  2. Sounds interesting.. They were showcasing them yesterday at my local shopping centre but because of the jiggling I was too shy to get up and have a go.


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