Wednesday, December 06, 2006


TODAY: kids to school, housework, gym and aqua jogging, bit more housework then take Mike to Aorangi Hospital for removal of his cyst. I can't wait, it has been bothering us for ages, and we have been so worried it would erupt before we got it removed... but all is good. So 4pm today...chop chop! hee hee (yeah, then we'll get the big bill - oh lovely).

***NEWS*** Lost 2kgs yesterday! It was water afterall, lucky me eh? Just means I really DO need to take me piddle pills afterall. I had not taken them for 4 days, what with being so busy and up and down to hospital for days. It is a fag taking them cos it means I have to be near a loo for about 6 hours, cos I just piddle and piddle non stop. But, they work obviously. So I think I'll continue taking them ! later....
Almost backed out of aqua jogging today, when I got there I found out that Linton Army Camp were there for a picnic/swimming races etc! Like there was around 1000 people (mostly men) swarming all around the area, and we were expected to swim in front of them! For a good 10 minutes I was the only one waiting beside the dive pool, then luckily a few more arrived, so we got in and did our thing.... and it was OK! Those dudes weren't interested in watching us anyway! Now I'm home, just had me lunch and killing time till we take Mike to Doctors...

Ok, here is Mike before his wee op.... the cyst is the smallish looking lump on his cheekbone. It was actually much bigger than it looks in the photo. This is amazing.... the surgeon let me and Stew come into the operating room with Mike !! And he let me take photos !!!

Here is the cyst popped out of his face.... eeewww, the surgeon was surprised how big it was and called me over to take a photo ! Too cool ! That man is just amazing, the most down - to - earth Doctor I have ever come across. He was the one who did Stew's operation too, so once he had finished with Mike, he got Stew to get on the table so he could check him out too - funny.

Here is the "man" doing his work, such a hard case. The whole brocedure only took about 20 minutes, so that was great.

We are now home, and I'm thinking about what to do for dinner, I did have a roast out, but forgot to put it in the oven... DOH Might just do something like macaroni cheese, .....
Ok, we had fish and chips.... BAD! Have done bugger all for rest of evening, having trouble with my e-mail AGAIN, so if it doesn't sort itself out by tomorrow I will be posting a new address.
Today: STEPS: 8710 (7.25 kms), STAIRS: 10 X's, GYM: yes, AQUA JOGGING: yes, WATER: 1.5 Litres
nite nite


  1. Pleased to hear it went well!! Ouch - and I don't know how you watched, I'ld probably would have ended up in a dead faint!

  2. Thats so cool! Did they knock him out for it?


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