Sunday, December 10, 2006


WELL, a lovely bunch of photos.... I am not gunna put captions under each one! The birthday boy is the one blowing out the candles , ha ha ha.
I'm not feeling too bad this morning after having a few drinks luckily, and I did thoroughly enjoy them too.
It is a lovely day again today, so have already got washing out (ta Ma), vacumed, washed floors etc.
Once we have woken up properly we shall be off into town for the traditional weekend lunch... and I shall be good, I will, I will.
Points today so far: I French Vanilla coffee (1.5).... later....

I had chinese for lunch... ummm, probably 30 points!!!!! So I better not eat anything else today eh?
we have been in town for a few hours, it is a mad house, people everywhere. Mum bought me some new summer sneakers, which was lovely. The ones I had planned on wearing all summer were stolen the other day while I was doing aqua jogging in the pool...some people are just shits!

Why is it that no matter what you do, someone always gets their nose outta joint with you! I am so over trying to explain myself to people who are ignorant and don't know or want to know all the facts before they get shitty with me? ! My niece is not talking to me now cos I didn't invite her mother to the party last night.... like it was my fault??? I was not the one to do the inviting, and as my sister lives in Australia and could not afford to come over, (never mind that she wouln't have come anyway because her ex-husband was gunna be here) I am the one getting the blame cos she feels excluded from her kids lives. Fuck ! My Mum came over from Australia, total spur of the moment decision on HER part, not mine. So why am I to blame for everything???
We had a lovely evening and I am glad of that.
The only thing I regret is eating more pudding tonight cos I was MAD !!! Total knee jerk reaction again. later....

Today: STEPS:8049 (6.70 Kms), STAIRS: 5, WATER: 1Litre
No tracking, no points, no gym or aqua.
Weekly roundup:
STEPS: 83,946 (69.95 KMS), STAIRS: 53 X's, Gym: 2 X's, AQUA JOGGING : 2 X'S, WALK: 2 X'S.


  1. Hi there,
    Always love seeing lots of pics. (need to remember to take my camera with me more often).
    You may have discovered that my blog has been locked, if your wanting to view I have had to re-invite people.
    to view contact details.
    Ciao for now

  2. Hey there, sounds like you had a great time. There always has to be at least one family issue at gatherings. Its a fact of life. lol

  3. Sad but as you said you didn't do the inviting - so jusst forget about it. Pleased it went well:)


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